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30 Days of Writing: Day 4 and by the way I’m in love

Challenge #4: Tell us about one of your first stories/characters!

When I was about six or seven years old, I wrote a horrendously cheesy story in play format about a princess, a woodsman-type stranger, and a very cliche villain. I don’t remember a whole lot about the details except that the stranger-turned-knight proposed at a very inopportune moment, right after a too-short battle. I kept the story in a yellow folder and made the mistake of reading it aloud to a much older friend. By her reaction (mostly disinterested silenced due to embarrassment) I came to know it was not as wonderful as first supposed by me. I threw it away and swore never to write another story again.

My self-inflicted promise was going quite well until a certain someone popped into my life.

The rest, as they say, is a collection of experiences from the past congealing into an emergence of events which one might choose to call historical in his or her own vanity.

I don’t think that even made sense.

Featured Snippet

“Father told me that when men go to war, they see things they wish they hadn’t. Things they wish they could forget and can’t, because war is ugly and death is always a possibility.” She looked at him finally. Her expression was tired but soft. “I wanted to show you something that was beautiful and good, so that when you’ve seen death and killing, you’ll remember that there are still wonderful things despite all of that. Do you mind?”

-Felicity: An American Girl Romance by felicitypheonix

Yes. That’s right. American Girl fan fiction. This was a surprisingly touching scene within a slew of pure cheese. *sigh* I do wish I could find a Felicity/Ben piece that involves his return from the War of Independence in order to fulfill his apprenticeship with Mr. Merriman, as promised. So far the very few I’ve found worth reading are not of the highest literary quality and lack the emotional depth I would expect from a nearly grown woman and a young man who lived through a war.

If I don’t find a good one before I’m done writing my H2O story, guess what field I intend to dabble in next? :P Because really, the characters I grew up with deserve a grown-up happily-ever-after.

Featured Image

The Kiss
© Copyright 2010 Lora Innes, Innes Art LLC. All rights reserved.
From The Dreamer (a webcomic I am now in love with)

This is one of my favourite images of all time ever from possibly the best story I have ever read. It’s moved me to tears more than a few times and tonight I sobbed… sobbed… pathetically while reading a visually poignant battle scene enhanced by a goodbye letter. Oh no… thinking about it is making me choke up and get the sniffles. *turns away to dab eyes*

I’m positively in love with Major Alan Warren. He is everything I want in a man and I’m pretty sure he possesses everything on my list of qualifications.

-Doesn’t miss church unless prevented by war or illness
-Keeps watch outside maiden’s door when iniquitous characters are about
-Never heard of Justin Beiber, but knows all six stanzas of Amazing Grace
-Speaks with conviction
-Impressive uniform
-Occasionally cheeky
-Horseback most frequent means of transportation
-Writes with quill
-Apologizes with sincerity
-Is deliciously unaware of how wonderful he is
-Battles epically in the rain
-Devilish smirk
-Broods when appropriate
-18th/19th century vocabulary
The linen shirt <3


28 thoughts on “30 Days of Writing: Day 4 and by the way I’m in love

  1. What a great idea! I hadn’t even thought about American girl fanfic, but you’re right, that is a nice little scene, isn’t it? Aww. I think it was Molly that was my favorite, but I had a Felicity doll. Maybe? I think.

    1. It was quite adorable! She was showing Ben the stars, I think. They clambered up to sit on the barn roof. *girlish sigh* Felicity and Samantha were always my favourites. :) And I’m still obsessed with Colonial and Victorian history! My most memorable Christmas was when I opened a huge white box to find my Felicity doll inside. Everyone else was crazy about the look-alike dolls, but I wanted the one with the prettiest gowns, and that was Felicity. Heehee.

  2. Samantha is the reason that mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream (although if I remember correctly, she liked peppermint, which is harder for me to find)…

    I have to ask, before I venture into that comic…does it end well? I can’t read it if it doesn’t end well, and by well I mean *some* form of happily ever after.

    That was a stunning picture!

    Have you ever read “Time Enough For Drums” by Ann Rinaldi? Revolutionary War historical fiction. It’s wondrous. :)

    1. Oooh, peppermint ice cream! *whimpers* I want it now. And I well remember the time when I refused to eat any other kind than mint chocolate for that same reason!

      Well… I don’t know. She’s still updating and that’s what’s so wretched for me. I started reading under the false assumption that it was complete. I’m so used to discovering things late that it was quite the blow to find out I still don’t get my happy-ever-after, even if there is to be one. I’m very frightened. It seems like the authoress is a kind sort of soul who wouldn’t want to plunge us into the depths of depression, but the two lovebirds are in a very star-crossed situation. He’s a dream. Literally. So I’ve no idea how this could possibly end well, unless we’re talking moral-of-the-story/consolation for you modern gals in the same situation type thing… but I’m dying to see it happen!! I’ll keep you posted!

      That picture is my desktop background. I drool every time I turn on my computer or take a break from writing.

      I haven’t!! But you had me at “Time”!! :D

    1. I loved Samantha because she looked the most like me and had the second prettiest dresses besides Felicity. :P And I wanted her nightgown with the pink bow!

      So was I!! I refused to acknowledge the additions of Josefina, Kaya, and whoever else they’ve added since. It feels like a breech of my childhood trust. *huffs*

      1. Josefina was newer but was around at the time I was reading American Girl doll books, so I don’t resent her. But Kaya! Ugh! I believe she was the despicable one who got the titles changed!

        My family has never been the sort to spend that sort of money, but my next-door neighbor had Samantha and later Kit. I remember going to her house all the time and spending hours playing with them. Ah, those were the days . . . .

      2. I recently got on the website and went under “Historical Dolls” and I honest-to-goodness nearly broke down crying because all the original ones are gone. Except Molly and Addy. And those were my least favourite! Not because I didn’t like the stories, but I wanted dollies I really could relate to!

        Oh, we never spent that kind of money either, which is why that one Felicity doll was so precious to me. We still don’t spend that kind of money. Only I do sometimes. Because I have a job and stuff.:P

        I think my best friend still has a Samantha doll! I’m super jealous.

    1. Your wife sounds like a very smart lady! Hehehe. I’m sure she appreciates it. :) I have to admit… I don’t even write with a quill. But I’d be willing to learn if someone asked me to!

    1. YES!!! Now I am not alone in my obsession! Isn’t that comic pure essence of swoonage? That barely makes sense, but it’s how I see things. I don’t know! Probably he’s hiding with mine! In the 18th century! We must don our petticoats and travel there at once!! *grabs your hand* To the Tardis!

  3. Sounds like a good plan! I decided the other day that I want to wear a petticoat in my wedding.

    PS: OH MY GOODNESS, I just read the part where he says that when Jacob first saw Rachel he only felt a fraction of what Alan felt when when he first saw her. Let me check…. yep, I just passed out. Forget her and marry me Alan!

    1. I cannot hear or read the word “petticoat” now without the image of Nathan Hale taking off Bea’s hoops. :D
      “Miss Whaley, I have four sisters. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”
      “God forgive me. God forgive me…”
      And yeah. I just looked through the first three Issues to find this panel so I could quote it correctly. (It’s here, if you want to revisit: http://thedreamercomic.com/comic.php?id=115)

      I love this comic on unhealthy levels.

      AAAAAAAHH!! I KNOW!! I stopped breathing at that point. I just… stared with my mouth open for a few moments before I cried. No one makes references like that anymore!! No one even understands such a reference! *sniffles* I want an Alan Warren!! I pray for one every night now.

    2. Oh my squee. Whatever you do, you HAVE to get the short story… the Thanksgiving one. I toyed with the idea for a while because I had to buy it, but it was only five dollars and IT’S THE CUTEST THING I EVER READ!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

      And I’m blushing! It’s that adorable!! I just keep giggling and… and… *gushes self into a faint*

      I haven’t even finished reading it. I just had to come and tell you right away.

  4. I loved that part! Especially the “God forgive me” bit. What a gentlemanly thing to say.

    I feel like I have such an appreciation for beautiful poetic sweet nothings, but it goes to waste because I don’t know a single boy that would say something like that! Well, my brothers-in-law might say something sweet like that, but… they don’t count. And I’m despairing that there are enough boys like that to go around! ;) People can say I have too high of standards but if it comes down to either staying single for a long, long, long time in case one comes along or settling for a guy who I know would never give such beautiful comparisons like the Jacob/Sarah one… I would rather take the single route. :)

    What short story is that one?? I want to read it!

    1. Yes, precisely! Gentlemanly! Even in such an awkward situation.

      But it seems your sisters found some good ones, so there must be hope yet! If only there was a modern-day version of the Warren lads. There were plenty to go around! Of course, none of them could be named Alan, otherwise we’d all be smitten with him.

      I am with you on all points! Why settle? Besides, I can live happily single so long as this story continues to feature Alan Warren. :D

      Right here, in the shop! http://thedreamercomic.com/blog.php/?page_id=2136
      A Most Agreeable Thanksgiving. The darned cutest thing I ever read. Ever. I’d read it again at once, but it’s far too late and I have work in the morning. Gracious! How will I ever go back to normal life after reading that?? Now I just want to snoop on an apple farmer’s family!

      1. Oh, and speaking of modern day parts, I’m frightened! This began as a dream and we all know it’s been a dream, but… I can’t imagine how betrayed and hurt I will feel if it ends as a dream she lets go of and we say farewell to Alan and she “moves on” or some such dreadful nonsense. As impossible as staying asleep forever is, I’m holding out for a sudden twist that her modern life is a dream and the dream is real.

        Otherwise… I can’t even fathom an otherwise.

  5. Also, how far has The Dreamer been updated? I’m afraid every time I push the next button that I have come to the end. So far it’s still going on but I’m scared for that time when I push the button and nothing comes up. GASP. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do with myself!

    1. Well, that’s… hard to say. I’m distraught at the moment because it’s soldiering on during a frightening time in the plot. Our darling Major is very ill and it’s been switching from scenes of him and flashes of his past. Though the comic mistress updates every Wednesday and Friday, so waiting isn’t too terrible. Wait! What am I saying? The waiting is torturous!!

      I merely get through one glum day at a time and sing aloud when it updates. I’m going to be quite vexed when it switches back to Bea’s modern life. Ugh. I’m sorry, Ben Cato, but you are nothing to me. I wait only for Alan!!

  6. Ah, I am going to buy that story. Is it a comic also or an actual written story? I wouldn’t have thought I would enjoy a comic so much, but I have to say, I am a comic girl now (which isn’t that surprising considering my childhood obsession with Archie comic books…)!

    I will be SO UPSET if she loses Alan. Ben can’t hold a candle to him. I just read through the school-life parts mentally telling Ben to get lost. It would be like a slap in the face if she goes with the old ‘it was just a dream but it was worth it because she got a great love out of it and now she goes back to her real life because it’s for the better’ route. I might boycott.

    1. It’s a written story! At first I was slightly disappointed to see all the text and only the cover image, but then I started reading and was completely swept away! I WANT MOOOAARR!!

      Oh!! Read this article “Antigone” up there sent me!

      It raises more questions than answers in a way, but also (somehow) opens the possibility of a happy ending for our Alan. I think the fact that she didn’t give outright spoilers makes me hope.

      I never read a web comic before this! Not faithfully. I’ve enjoyed bits and pieces of some but I always slip behind because I forget they’re there. But this isn’t like a “comic” so much as a graphic novel. Of pure brilliance.

      There is no contest. I get so upset whenever it switches back to the 21st century, becoming quite petulant and throwing childish fits. I’m thinking of buying the actual graphic novels but I won’t until I see whether or not she betrays us with a horrible ending. And if I do buy them I might rip out all the modern day parts and stuff them in a drawer. :P That sounds cruel… but I just want 18th century goodness!! If that happened, I don’t know if I’d ever recover. It would be like Love Never Dies being announced all over again.

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