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Day of a Sickie

This was me yesterday. (ALL credit for the image goes to Lora Innes. Click for full page.)

I called in sick for the first time ever this morning. I knew last night I wasn’t feeling up to another full shift after opening the bakery with the onset of a cold, but I was scheduled for 7:30 this mornin’ so I tried to call as soon as possible to get a fill-in.

Thank God for coworkers who answer their messages at 5:15 in the morning!

Today was all about recuperating so I’m well enough to do a little Christmas shopping tomorrow and get back to work by 6pm.

This is my recipe for making a sick day as “well” as it can be.


-Buckets and buckets of sweet black tea with brown sugar and cream.
-Fruit. Apples with honey walnut cream cheese and tomorrow pineapple smoothies.
-Anything that goes down easy. Grilled cheese and soup. Killer combo.
-Pills. Vitamin C and Dayquil/Nyquil.

Reading Material

-Biblical stories of gotten-through trials.
-Still absorbed in the 18th century: my web comic as well as that charmingly mistake-riddled Felicity story.
-Story editing. I finished a chapter today! Woohoo!


-The Pirate Queen: particularly If I Said I Loved You. Oh baritone love.
Promising Promises by Jon McLaughlin. Amazing with the piano.
-Josh Groban’s Love Only Knows. *melts*
-Another Jon McLaughlin with piano loveliness I’ll Follow You.

A Humorous Classic Film

Muppets Treasure Island is the movie for tonight. It makes me happy inside. :D And outside. For it causes laughter.

Wellness Essentials

-Continuous Skype chats with best friend.
-Cherry chapstick.
-Shea butter and cocoa lotion.
-Double blankets.


23 thoughts on “Day of a Sickie

  1. I’m a big baby when I get a cold, too. It’s basically like being on the verge of death for me. The world is ending till I feel better.

    Cherry chapstick NEVER ceases to remind me of that Katy Perry song.

    1. I try to soldier on until I’m half-dead from illness and exhaustion. I wait until I absolutely have to take medicine which gets me by and then… well, this was as I said, the first time I had to call in sick. But colds are the worst. Okay, second to the flu. They just drain you to the bone. There’s nothing to do but sleep and feel sorry for one’s self.

      Me too!! I still use it though because it’s bomb. :P

  2. Aww, hope you’re feeling better and that you’re not nearly as sick as Major Alan Warren. That would be… worrying! :P
    And the Muppets Treasure Island is so funny! :D

  3. Bethie, I think you pretty much have all the bases covered! Sweet black tea with brown sugar and cream sounds fantastic. You have a great antidote for combating sickness. Get well soon.

    1. It’s true! I tried drinking some green tea and also black tea with sugar but no cream. It was dreadful. I can enjoy those teas when I’m not sick, but when one is ill one likes to cater to the inclinations of a sweet tooth.

      Thank you, I’m doing quite well now! Just a smattering of a cough. :)

  4. I hope that Christmas caroling in on your secret list of reasons for recuperating! I’m praying that all of you are well enough to make it. Plus, I like your new profile pic. ~Merry Christmas~

    1. I told myself if I was still unwell I’d bundle up and stay indoors and miss out on the caroling part for the first time. But I am well!!

      Yes, a very kind soul actually gave me that cherry chapstick as a gift. :)

  5. Get well soon, Beth!

    I have a sore-ish throat—it doesn’t hurt, but my voice is hoarse and only half present (which wouldn’t bother me but that I am now lamentably incapable of singing)—so I’ve also been drinking hot beverages lately. But I’ve just been having hot water and honey. Nothing as marvelous-sounding as sweet black tea with brown sugar and cream. Oh, I want to imitate you! I don’t know about sweet black tea, but we do have orange pekoe and cut black. And we have brown sugar. We don’t have cream, but . . . um . . . milk? Orange pekoe and cut black tea with brown sugar and milk. . . . Somehow yours sounds much better. :P

    Ooh! What chapter did you finish?

    I do double blankets too! But that’s throughout all of winter because in my house we turn down the heat at night to save money. Does your family do that?

    1. I am almost completely healed! Thank you for the kindly thoughts, dearie. :)

      Ooo, that’s rough. Honey helps so much when my throat hurts, but I prefer it on whole grain toast. Although I did discover I very much enjoy two pumps of peppermint syrup (yes, I have access at work) a wedge of lemon and a generous heaping of honey in my green tea! That’s sweet enough to tempt me!

      The tea doesn’t have to be sweet to begin with. It’s delicious with a regular British Breakfast or Earl Grey. I’m just overly fond of sweetness so I have a vanilla and nut flavoured black tea on top of my sugar and cream. ^.^ Actually… yours sounds delicious, too.

      It’s a long story. :P No, really… even the summary would be boorishly complex. It’s about vampires. I’ll leave it there.

      Yes!! And it’s dreadful for me because my room is situated in the coldest spot of the house. :(

      1. I actually tried it, and it was pretty good. Although I put in a lot of brown sugar. Coffee I can have black, but my tea needs lots of sweetness added. I guess I’m not a tea person . . . which is unfortunate, since I’d love to love tea! Tea is so romantic and dignified! Maybe it can grow on me over time. ;)

        My room’s also one of the coldest spots! The basement might be colder, though. But double blankets really do their job, so I don’t mind. Plus saving money makes me happy (I’m just really thrifty like that), so I don’t mind so much that it’s cold.

      2. Nothing wrong with lots of sweetness! By the time I’m done adding things to my tea, it’s a dessert more than a drink. I love coffee. Love, love, love! And despite the tales I’ve heard about tea having more caffeine, it never gives me the same boost as coffee. To me it’s a to-be-savoured-slowly drink while coffee you can glug down and it gets you going.

        Good luck with that!

        Eeep! Yes, saving money is wonderful. And I wouldn’t mind so much if I could stay IN the double blankets. The problem is, I work early in the morning. Often I have to drag myself out of bed hours before sunrise and having a freezing cold room doesn’t help motivate me to get up.

      3. Actually, I think my becoming-a-tea-person is happening faster than I thought. Because I tried unsweetened black tea and liked it!

        Do you add things to coffee or drink it black?

        People say coffee has less caffeine than tea? Because we have a sweet-and-spicy herbal tea that boasts about being caffeine-free by showing bars by different caffeinated beverages, indicating the amount of caffeine in them. And coffee has the longest bar.

        Ah, yes, I know exactly what you mean! I sometimes have to get out of bed hours before sunrise as well to finish homework that I fell asleep on the previous night, and the freezing room presents the same problem for me!

      4. Ooo, wonderful!

        I add more to my coffee than to my tea. Coffee has to be super sweetened. I’m a Starbucks girl through and through. I like white chocolate, vanilla, caramel drinks, tons of whipped cream… coffee should never be black in my book. I also find it difficult to make a good cup of coffee at home. Thus the affinity for Starbucks.

        I’ve heard that, but I always wondered. Coffee generally gives me an energy boost in a way tea cannot. So I couldn’t figure out why the levels of caffeine would be higher in tea. Maybe it’s the way it acts in your body? I don’t know. I’m just the consumer. :P

      5. And by now I really love tea! Both my parents only like the aforementioned herbal tea, so I’ve found all this good stuff in the pantry that no one touches. Green tea with pomegranate and green tea with lemon, both very good, as well as mint tea, which is always quite refereshing. And there’s the black tea, of course, which I already said I like. The only tea I don’t like is regular. But I think I shall try it again sometime soon and see if I can’t change that. ;) My only fear is that with all this new tea-drinking of mine, I shall use up our whole tea supply!

        I’ve never even tried any of that fancy Starbucks stuff. Before I tried coffee black, all I ever put in was sugar and sometimes creamer. I have tried frappuccino, though, and I do like it. But that’s all I know. What kind of coffee is white chocolate? I’ve never tried vanilla coffee or caramel drinks. What is in a caramel drink other than caramel?

        Well, since you find that coffee does in fact give you more of a boost than tea, we shall have to assume that the sweet-and-spicy herbal tea tells the truth, and whoever says tea has more caffeine is misinformed.

      6. Ooo, the best part about discovering something delicious is when no one else touches it! :D That is the downside. Drinking tea makes it disappear like never before. ;)

        White chocolate is just… that. It’s a mocha made with white chocolate instead of regular so it’s a sweeter, lighter flavour. A caramel is the same. Pretty much all special coffee drinks are espresso, milk, and a few pumps of whatever flavouring you prefer. Unless you special order extra pumps or shots.

        I will stick to that theory, then, until it fails me!

  6. I feel ya. I had to leave work early yesterday because my wisdom tooth is acting up. Now, I’m doped up on antibiotics and pain killers. Hopefully for Christmas I can eat something besides soup and yogurt.

    Keep smiling,

    P.S. I love the idea of double blankets. My middle name should be ‘napping’.

    1. Aw, hope your tooth troubles have improved! Did you have more than liquid sustenance for Christmas?

      Thanks! And if I could get away with it, my middle name would be sedentary. ;P With double blankets and hot cocoa, it’s far too easy to be lazy.

      1. Hey Bethie,
        Unfortunately, my tooth problems didn’t improve. Two Fridays from now I have to get all four wisdom teeth cut out; I already told them they better put me to sleep!!!

        I don’t drink (which my fellow classmates at WVU–Let’s go Mountaineers!-never understood LOL), but maybe I should’ve reconsidered at Christmas.

        At my uncle’s Christmas party, it seemed like everyone wanted to ask me questions. It’s one thing for me to listen, but another for me to respond. I was tempted to pull out my notebook and write everything down LOL.

        Keep smiling,

      2. Aww!! Well I hope you have a good friend to stop by with liquid treats and some flowers! I’ve never had problems with my wisdom teeth, but two of my friends got theirs taken out on the same day so I brought ice cream and roses and soup.

        I don’t drink except the occasional glass of wine, but there are definitely days at work that make me wonder why I don’t. :P

        Hah! Oh, I would so do that. Just scribble out all my replies on paper. I did that one vacation when I was mad at my brother and swore not to speak to him until he apologized. x)

        You as well! I’ll be thinking about you and hope the procedure isn’t too painful!

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