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30 Days of Writing: Day 5

Challenge #5:  By age, who is your youngest character? Oldest? How about “youngest” and “oldest” in terms of when you created them?

My youngest character… by age… what a quandary! It must be the unborn, unnamed child from Arranged and Engaged; the story that I finished only to discover its innumerable follies and start afresh with the barest of plot points in tact. But I’m not sure that counts since I’ve no idea if I’m keeping the child.

That sounded dreadful.

Quick change of subject! My oldest character is Ziv. He was born sometime before the rise of the Roman Empire and was made into a vampire well into his nineties. He might be in his hundreds. It’s all very sketchy. But yes, he lived a long life by normal standards and then kept on living. So he’s over two-thousand years old. At least.

Oldest in terms of creation–not counting my very first play characters who I do not remember names of–is Clarissa May Laurence. Her story is on Chapter 4. It’s stuck. Quite stuck. I decided I don’t like writing murder mysteries in the girl’s point of view. :P I cannot say whether that story will ever be finished.

My youngest character in development just received the name Gemma. She has a husband in politics. I have no idea where her story is going–if it’s going. It’s just lines of argumentative dialogue at present.

Featured Snippet

What do I say?
What do I do?
How will I ever hope to fare?
How can I stay
So close to you
Knowing now that your place is
In another’s embraces
In another man’s care?

I should be gone
Far from this hell
Till not a trace of you survives
Yet I’ll stay on
For I know well
Though you’ve left me behind you
One day troubles will find you
And when that day arrives

I’ll be there
For to me there’s no sorrow
Worse to bear
Than a life lived apart
I’ll be there
Come the mists on the morrow
I’ll be there
By your side
And deep within your heart

Now she’s his wife
Nobody knows
How much of her she’ll have to hide
But whatever life
He may propose
Will be merely pretending
To the dream never ending
We’ll now hold inside

I’ll be there
Though I know that it’s madness
Hearts laid bare
Stripped of pride yet still proud
I’ll be there
In the depths of my sadness
I’ll be there
Ever steeled
Unyielding and unbowed

Go and marry a man you don’t love if that pleases you
Throw away for a cause all the joys we have known
I thought love’s more than clan
More than faith
More than anything
May his kiss keep you warm
I’ll be fine on my own

Is it me I’m deceiving?
Mad or not I’ll stay true

I’ll be there

I’ll be there
Heaven speed me
By your side
As you need me
I’ll be there
For you

I’ll Be There from The Pirate Queen

This song fiercely expresses the determination of a man in love and remains one of my favourites to belt out at inappropriate times.* I posted the lyrics I’m used to; they’re the most generally accepted words to the song, so I assume the performance in the video took place before changes occurred to the script. Usually I don’t take to songs about men pining after other men’s wives, but I make exceptions for this and Walter from The Woman in White due to exceptional circumstances. I can’t help but love the way he promises to stick by her come the day troubles find her. Because he knows she married a brute. It’s all very complex and I won’t burden you with the details of the plot, but suffice to say this musical produced a number of fantastic songs.

There is something monumentally appealing about angry man-singing, and no one does this particular piece justice like Hadley Fraser. I love this song for the emotion so I shared the best one for the expression of it. You can just feel the emotion roiling off him in angry, devastated, frustrated waves as his movements echo the thought, “WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME, WOMAN!?!”

Yet… he’ll still be there.


Featured Image

Flynn by Jackie Sullivan

It was more than trying for me to come up with an image that was not from The Dreamer. :P I had one that was perfect: about age gaps and the legality of modern “courtship” but I’m being a good sport and expanding your horizons. *wink* Though I reserve the right to be glum about it.


Oh yes. I started another web comic because I needed something to keep me occupied while waiting for Dreamer updates. I found one that’s enjoyable, but the conversations that go on in the comment section are the real draw. One thread was on a page that introduced a butler to the story and it went like this…

Virtual: A butler called James. I wonder, are ALL butlers called James? :p
trav26: i thought jeeves was the ubiquitous butler name..
Virtual: Don’t forget, Batman has Alfred :)
Val: He’s not witty enough to be called Niles you see
ArtsAngel (author): Often a butler’s real name was not used and they were “given” one by the household.
Kurieo2: I’d call my butler Fluffy or Rabbit…just because. :3
Me: I’d call mine ‘husband.’ Because any British man who brought me tea whenever I asked…

*When I say inappropriate times I mean walking up to a coworker who’s toasting a bagel in order to screech, “GO AND MARRY A MAN YOU DON’T LOVE IF THAT PLEASES YOU!!”


4 thoughts on “30 Days of Writing: Day 5

  1. Your blog has become my favorite, you’re so funny! I have become a web comic fan now thanks to you (much to my best friend’s pleasure because I’ve always teased her about her affection for comics, but now I understand)!

    And I am now going to look for any and all opportunities to shout, “GO AND MARRY A MAN YOU DON’T LOVE IF THAT PLEASES YOU!!” at everyone I know. :)

    I just saw that there was a Dreamer update and then realized it was one page. :| Not pleased. I keep getting addicted to all these sagas that are as of yet unfinished and it’s killing me; too many loose strings in my life!!! I was watching Once Upon A Time with headphones on my laptop last night and it got to the episode’s end with a particularly terrible cliffhanger and I literally screamed aloud, “NOOOOO!” My family thought I was crazy, but that’s just how I feel about unresolved storylines!

    1. *bows* *realizes mistake* *curtsies* :) Why thank you! I never read web comics before. For the most part they seem too violent and sensationalized. The term “graphic novel” produces images of half-clothed women with exaggerated busts slicing people up with katana swords. Before The Dreamer I just wasn’t aware that any other kind of graphic novel existed. I’m extraordinarily glad to be proven wrong! You should read the comment section on the blog sometimes. It’s hilarious the sort of antics we fans get into. Right now there’s discussion on how much of a babe Alexander Hamilton (on ten dollar bills) is, and the prospect of making a Dreamer version of Monopoly. :P

      YES!!!! It’s fantastic for bursting into a crowded room and shouting it at the top of your lungs! :D

      I neeeed moaaarrrr. I hate open-endedness, but I also hate things ending. I cried a lot when the Return of the King extended version came out. Because it meant it was over. That impacted me in inexplicable ways. And yes, The Hobbit is coming out… but that’s the beginning. And we’ve been through the end already. I still haven’t watched the season finale of Psych because I don’t want it to be over so soon!

    1. Not at all! It’s called The Phoenix Requiem and you can find it here:

      This one is finished, I believe, so no danger of loose ends. Of course, I haven’t read it all so I can’t promise it’ll be good all the way through. So far it’s been pretty great! It’s Supernatural/Victorianesque themed, which are two of my favourite story elements. It tends to be a tad more risque in certain parts, but that’s mostly through worded implications and nothing outright filthy so far. One of the female characters is a wee bit of a tart, shall we say. :P But the conversations in this comic are superb!! So many one-liners! So far my favourite…

      “Ah …. You’re in your nightdress.”
      “You’re in my house!”

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