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New Year’s Revolution!

I’m not sure why I chose that title. (Okay, it’s because I’m still obsessed with the Dreamer and through it the Revolutionary War.) I’m actually making a few resolutions this year, but I didn’t want something that sounded so blah.

Are people still making resolutions? A couple years ago people always made a really big deal about it, but I don’t seem to hear or read about them anymore. Personally, I need goals to focus on. I believe people should constantly be working to better themselves and it helps to have a deadline to look back on.

Last year I made one resolution.

I failed.

Well. Depending on how strict you want to be with the timeline. I technically made the resolution late in the year, but I intended it to mean the end of the year, but now I’m thinking I could probably use a couple extra months. :P

As for this year, I have three.

1. Find the good in everything.

Pollyanna used to be my role model. I was always really mad at her near the end when she’s all glum. I wanted to slap the little twit. But I think we all could use a little more of that spunky glad-game sunshine. Besides, I like to be cheerful. It confuses people. :D

Clouds have two sides; a dark and light, and a silver lining in between. It’s like a silver sandwich! So when life seems hard, take a bite out of the silver sandwich. -Prince Zuko

I just thought she could play the game! You could be glad you don’t need this horrid old coffin! You could help others, by making the patchwork quilt for the orphans if you wanted. You ought to forget about dying! And be glad you’re living! -Pollyanna

2. Learn to say no.

I’m dreadfully serious about this. I don’t know how to say no to a lot of things I should. I’m not talking about my fourth cup of tea (the answer to tea is always yes) or another cookie, or no, I don’t want to get up and do anything for you because I’m lazy. But a lot of times, especially at work, I say yes to everyone. This becomes particularly stressful when four different people ask favors of me at once. Even I can’t toast a bagel, take coffees out, make a latte, and take my break at the same time. Trying to do all that instead of learning to say no to someone stresses me out. Then I end up snapping at people who don’t deserve it.

3. Finish a fan fiction.

This year’s resolution was to finish a novel. I finished a 6k short story, but not my novel. *sigh* I’ll be working on that. Forever, it seems. But in any case, I’d like to write a fan fiction, stick with it and finish it this year.

Anyway, that’s it! And with fifteen minutes to spare I made a very non-colourful post about my goals. Weeeee!!

Bring on 2012!

(By the way, that’s pronounced TWENTY-TWELVE. We’re living in the future, people. Accept that and say it right! Stop wasting your breath on two-thousand-and’s. Unless you’re saying it like, “In the year of our Lord two-thousand-and-twelve” as the premise to a novel or eloquent speech.)


16 thoughts on “New Year’s Revolution!

  1. Thank you! Finally, someone who says it’s Twenty-Twelve!!! I think people will embrace it this year, though. It’s so catchy! xP

    Also, the Prince Zuko quote was gold.

    Also, I approve of your resolutions (not that you needed my approval, but you have it nonetheless). :P

    Happy 2012!!! ^_^

    1. They will embrace it. Or ELSE.

      Hehehe! ‘Gold!’ Nice one, Timbo. xP

      Approval is always lovely. I like people to know my resolutions so they can help whip me into shape if need be.

      Happy Twenty-Twelve!!! ^.^

  2. When I saw your title, I thought I wasn’t the only one who refers to New Year’s Resolutions as New Year’s Revolutions. I usually see lots of new joggers and runners around this time of year, and whenever I see somebody obviously unused to exercise puffing around the corner, I say, Here comes another New Year’s Revolution. And then I wonder if their revolution in their life will last. It’s odd, I know! ;)
    Please go and teach the French your way of saying twenty-twelve. Perhaps then one wouldn’t need two breaths to say dates in French! :D

    1. Eeexcellent! One is the loneliest number, you know. ;)

      Hah! I do that a lot in my bakery. People order the whole grain bread, iced tea, and don’t add cookies or pastries onto the order at the beginning of the year. Then spring comes along and all bets are off. Summer arrives and they’re all in swim suit mode so the pastries aren’t purchased, then there’s Thanksgiving and Christmas and boooy do they disappear! xD

      The French take far too long to say anything! And look at how many letters they riddle their words with and half of them aren’t even pronounced!! It’s like all our silent g’s and h’s!! Fewlishness!

      1. That they certainly do! Why one needs eight words to say 1999 in French beats me. I used to complain about all the silent letters as well, until I figured out that they all help me to make up space in my French essays! :D Ah well, the English have only the French to blame for all their silent letters, because that’s where they learned it. Tsk tsk! ;)

      2. Hehehe! There’s looking on the bright side of things!
        “Look, I filled up five pages of French!”
        “All you did is repeat the dates as often as possible!”

        The English could blame the French for a lot of things. :P But I suppose the same could be said for the English and many other countries. I love English. The language, the people… and recently am immersing myself in American pride. Colonial history will do that.

  3. Yours are good! They’re a lot more noble than any I’ve ever made… My only resolutions were to publish my book and to remember to put my clothes back in my closet every night before I go to sleep. :D We’ll see how well that goes! I’m almost finished with my book and am praying, PRAYING it works out well because my current job is becoming a little bit less endurable as each week goes by and it’s my dream to be able to write full time. I can only think of one year that I actually came through on my resolution, so let’s hope this year breaks the trend! :)

    1. Those are good, too! You have to start somewhere. My clothes are kept in buckets strewn about my room. :P I could probably use more short-term goals. Instead of “I’ll finish such and such a novel this year” it might be better to try 500 words a day or a chapter a week. Something like that.

      Ooo, I wish you all blessings in that endeavor! I’m rather glad I can’t afford to write full time because I’m too distracted to do so. Before I had a job and when I was done with high school, I didn’t write much more than I do now. I waste so much time without a strict deadline. And even then… :/

      1. Yeah, I am the type of writer who gets so into my story that I could write for days without stopping but if I know that I need to be up at six the next morning, I can’t get into it because I know I’ll have to pull myself back to the real world. Although maybe writing full-time wouldn’t be the best because I’d turn into a Beethoven type and refuse to come out of my bedroom until I was finished…

        PS: In case you were confused about my name change, I’m not publishing under my real name so I have to change the name of my blog! I’m not some kind of multi-personality person. ;)

      2. Every so often I’m overcome with that kind of powerful urge and I write pages and pages. It’s quite wonderful, but doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. A lot of times it’s taking a break and venturing into the real world that helps the most. As long as it’s not too time consuming and/or exhausting!

        Heheh. I’m a flighty-brained child. I admire Beethoven types because I know I don’t have that kind of focus.

        I figured! But a little part of me maaay have wondered if you were suffering from an identity crises. :P Not really.

      3. Haha, maybe a slight identity crises. ;) Now I’ve finally settled on a wordpress account ( was too confusing, oh dear) and my moving around from name to name is through! Hurray!

  4. clearly people come from different places.where i come from,since 2010 it has been twenty 10, twenty 11 and yeah.anyhow,lovely read right here and i totally love your number 2 goal.i think i will add it to my list.thanks for sharing

    1. Yesterday my manager said “two thousand and twelve.” I would have shot her down, but she’s getting over a bad cold and some of our associates were really uncooperative towards her at our meeting. So I let it go. :P

      Oh, you’re very welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

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