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‘Tis Saturday and I’m Chillaxin

As I sit here looking forward to my three-day weekend, (and drooling like a mad dog over a recipe for French Toast Stars) I take the time to enjoy the finer things in life.


Go My Son

Go, my son, go and climb the ladder! …Make your people proud of yoouuuuhoooohooo!!


Almost the polar opposite of the last song, but equally inspiring.

Never Say No

Aw, this is horribly funny! I laugh until my sides ache every time!


And in celebration of my weekend, I’ve saved the best for last!!! :D

A Downton Weekend


2 thoughts on “‘Tis Saturday and I’m Chillaxin

    1. That particular gem cannot be accredited to me. My coworker, Krystal sings it all the time and gets it stuck in my head. So I finally looked it up. :P Before, I was singing it to the tune of Savages from Pocahontas.

      Well, it convinced my whole house! We laughed so hard that all my brothers and I wanted to buy it straight away. That equals… about eight people in all that they won over. Silly ‘ole bear! :P

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