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The 7×7 Award

Right when I thought I could catch up on the writing challenge…

I don’t think people are aware of how long a single post takes me to write up. :P Especially when it involves so much linking-to-others and thinking.

.:.S7V7N rules as I gathered (and not necessarily official–they’re more like guidelines).:.

1. Honour (with the British spelling so it’s more meaningful) 7 fantastic bloggers with this award by linking back to a favourite (also British spelling) post of theirs.

2. Share 7 of your own posts in accordance with the themes set out below.

3. Buy me this book.

4. Find the seven differences between this sentence and the next.

5. Fine 7 differences between this sentences, and the previous!

6. Tell him anything (but not that I love him)

7. List 7 reasons why the person who nominated you is the bees knees. (For example, if I linked to your posts you’re welcome to say I’m awesome for using old fashioned terms like ‘the bees knees.’)

There needed to be seven rules for this to work.

.:.S7V7N nominations.:.

1. A Confederacy of Spinsters
-Grace, Kate, & Mae, are three charming twenty-something year olds who host this blog, delving into the hard hitting issues single women (or is it girls?) care deeply about. Such as men who wear sweaters and the right we have to adore wedding shows. I loved them at once for their kindred-spiritness.

2. Girl on the Contrary
-Oh, Girl on the Contrary. You make me laugh, and think, and snort drinks out my nose, and every time I see the fishies on your page, I smile. :) Linkage will take you to a post that reminds me of my own life happenings. Only she saved the world!

3. The Creative Juicer
– It was extremely difficult deciding on which of the “Gentlemen” pieces to link to, but I think this might just be my favourite. :D I do insist that you read them all. Timotheous has them in their own category to make it easier on you. So there are no excuses!! READ THEM!!

4. Eccentric Owl
-Everyone may know how fond I am of Mara. :) In fact, if I was not so fond of her I’d be hatefully jealous of the fact that she recently got herself a nice man to take pictures with. (That’s not all they do–take pictures–but it’s one cute activity in a multitude of cute activities.) Her posts about him made me squee. It’s like reading a sweet, sweet fairy tale happening in real life!

5. Angels and Wrong Theories
-Bandit is always decidedly groovy, but this post especially struck a chord with me. Anyone who ever goes out to dinner, the store, or anywhere that means interaction with people in the workforce who are serving/assisting them needs to read this. Basically, it applies to everyone. It’s sad that common courtesy isn’t so common anymore.

6. Spoonlighting
-So this is mostly about food: making special gluten-free food, eating food, liking food, pictures of food… What’s not to love already?? But if the fabulous culinary efforts going on in this blog aren’t enough to make you drool, the constant referrals to Downton Abbey most certainly will. ;) That’s why I read it. I want to torture myself whilst looking at cream cheese brownies and learning about other Downton fans.

7. The Middlest Sister

-I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve seen this blog! It’s enchanting! Adorable! Whimsical! Fantastic! I’m the oldest of ten, so although I don’t suffer the sorrows of a middle child, I know how true it is that they often get passed over. Sometimes–I admit–I kind of forget about our middle one. His name is Austin. He’s some age between boy and man-boy.

And now back to me, Dave.

.:.S7V7N of my own.:.

1. Most Beautiful Piece: A Man With a Nose – ;D Because it is.

2. Most Helpful: How To Write Like a Pro -That’s right, fellow writers. This advice is priceless.

3. Most Popular: A Tangled Review -Aww, that’s so sweet, you guys! I haven’t done but one movie review and it’s the most popular post! (Is that a sign?)

4. Most Surprisingly Successful: Evolution of a One-Shot -I am positively floored by the reviews on this. I mean, I thought “Emma Browne” was good, but to have it confirmed in such absolute fashion by such lovely people who know their stuff–it’s something else. It makes me quite flushed with pride! I wish there was a blushing emoticon for WordPress!

5. Most Controversial: Dear So Not Dear -I am aware that there are people who enjoy Love Never Dies as a thing. (Somewhere. Hidden deep in the recesses of the earth.) So I suppose this is controversial. I just… I don’t understand why anyone would not agree with this. But… yeah.

6. Most Underrated: 2010 in Books-I took like, a long, long time to make this enormous post and I guess I’m disappointed that no one ever comments. It’s not as if I desire a badge of honour for undertaking the great task of reviewing all these books! (Or do I?) But I’d love to hear the opinions–whether similar or differing–of others who’ve read them. Or maybe hear sometime, “Oh, hey! I read such and such a book because you recommended it!” (Avra already does this because she’s a darling.) I like to talk about books, okay!? That’s all! *weeps*

7. Most Pride Worthy: The Journey of a Black Hat -Since it can’t all be about writing. Or it can, but I wanted you to be aware of my love for Panera. Does everyone get that? I love Panera. :D I haven’t worked since Friday and I feel sort of lazy! AAAAHH!! I MISS EVERYONE!!

.:.S7V7N reasons Timlet is awesomesauce.:.

1. He keeps nominating me for these so I can increase my award collection.

2. We met on Neopets. (Come on, that’s pretty ridiculous… ridiculously AWESOME!)

3. He started me on my writing ventures.

4. I can never remember his middle name. (Why this makes him awesome, I don’t know. But it amuses me.)

5. He makes me (sometimes) enjoy poetry. That’s more than I can say for most “poets.”

6. His Elvish name (which I took from a generator) is Orophin CĂșthalion. Which reminds me of dolphins and cutlery. Like… a dolphin sushi master.

7. Read the “Gentlemen” posts.


11 thoughts on “The 7×7 Award

  1. Really? THAT’S your favourite one? xP

    But seriously, thank you so much Byrd! This post made me smile, especially the last part. ;P

    Also, I’m deeply offended that you can’t remember my middle name.

    Shame on you. :P

    1. I told you it was a difficult choice! But I think that is. Yes. ;P

      ^.^ You betcha!!

      Well that’s why it’s so funny. I’ve wheedled it out of you several times and I can never remember. The I try to use the whole middle name threat and it doesn’t work because I don’t use the right one. :P

      1. That isn’t in the least bit helpful. I hardly even know any comedians. Unless we’re talking actors… but then I’m just going to guess wildly and foolishly. Like, John Krasinski! Your middle name is Kraskinski!

  2. Wait a minute……. you “think” when you write these!? :)
    “Honour” and “favourite” have to be said with an British accent as well as being spelled that way! (butthenyouprobablyknewthat) God bless. :)

  3. Gahhh, I’m loved! :D You’re the bestest. Seriously. I’m off to go write up my 7×7 post now since I really don’t have anything else to do other than think about Downton Abbey and Damian McGinty…*ehem*…

  4. I’m so glad you’re too fond of me to be hatefully jealous. :D
    Also, I have to tell you: I thought of you when I looked at Mr. Owl’s profile, because he has a distinctive (not big, just nice) nose and it made me think of your “A Man With a Nose” post. :D

    1. HEHEHE!! Yaaaaaay!! I have noticed his very nice nose. :) My coworkers were giving me odd looks the other day because I commented on someone’s nose. It’s a face-definer! Noses are important! ;P

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