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What I Really Love About America (No Joke)

Here is your promised post. Proof that I’m not as cynical as I sometimes appear.

Iced tea, and iced drinks in general

Men who dressed well–and sacrificed themselves for our country

A homeschool education

Panera Bread

Air conditioning

Pizza that tastes every last bit as good as pizza is supposed to taste

The original four American Girls as I knew them in the early 90’s**

Freedom of religion

And yeah, Electric Lights Orchestra is a British band. SO WHAT!? The U.S. gave them a far warmer reception than the U.K. in the first place. Something America did right. :P

**Didn’t meant to exclude Addy! I loved her books! But I didn’t appreciate Josefina or anyone that followed. Too many changes. Too many new girls. Then they discontinued Felicity and Samantha for them. That was not okay. Not okay at all. Childhood killers. Why don’t you go and cancel Barney while you’re at it!?


9 thoughts on “What I Really Love About America (No Joke)

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT!?!? Like when I was a kid the most inappropriate show my parents (barely) let us watch was Lizzie McGuire. Now there is nothing safe, even on the supposed kid’s channels!!

      And have you seen what eight year old girls are wearing these days?? *shudder*

    1. Wonderful! I realised soon after posting this that a great deal of what I love about America was discovered (ironically) after I went to Europe, where the ice was scarce and the air conditioned rooms even scarcer. :P

  1. A full 1/3 of the things that you “really love about America” have to do with food. The only surprising thing there is that it is only 1/3! Plus, I love that picture of the Puritans, but it being colorized is completely distracting. Luvubye! :)

    1. I was aware of that, actually! I thought of putting more… not foods, but that would have been deceptive as to my true feelings.

      Aw, I liked the coloured version!

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