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Why I’m Secretly British

1. On average I drink about three cups of tea every day. On a good day, it’s closer to six.

2. Throughout my day I will randomly start speaking in a British accent. I believe this is proof that I was switched at birth and some undeserving American child has been living MY British life in the UK. Rudeness beyond comprehension.

3. My two favourite shows are currently Downton Abbey and Horrible Histories. I also considered buying the Horrible Histories DVDs even though they don’t work on US players. Although… I suppose I could just pop on overseas every time I fancied a watch!

Since I know you’ll be wondering what Horrible Histories is, basically it’s the best thing ever. It airs on CBBC (Children’s British Broadcasting Corporation) and uses songs and skits to teach kids about history. Um, historical skits and musicals? Yes. Please.

These are a few some of my favourites, although every one is fantastic and you really should spend a whole day just watching them all. :D

Awful Egyptians: Hieroglyphics with Mat
-Why I find this so attractive, I don’t know. But I think the dancing helps. :D :D
Vile Victorians: The Incredible Victorian Child
Ruthless Rulers: Kings and Queens Song
-Why yes, I AM trying to memorize this!!! :D I am super duper excited to have found this sing-along version!
Incredible Incas: Want to Harm a Llama?
-I dare you to sing this at school/work/right now.

4. Speaking of “favourites” I look at “center” “honor” “realize” and “traveled” and all I see are misspelled words. “Centre” “honor” “realise” and “travelled” are correct.

5. I know more about Queen Victoria than the current presidential candidates. I also like her much, much better than any of them.

6. When I drop things or hurt myself at work, the first words out of my mouth are either “blimey!” or “bloody…” I call things “barmy” “daft” and “beastly.” I’ve read that ‘Americans should avoid saying “bloody” as they sound silly.’ But it sounds all right when said in a proper accent.

7. I want a man like this to be my husband. How else can I expect my children to be brought up hearing fairy tales the way they were meant to be read?

I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear when I watch this. :D Especially when he does the voices.

8. It is cause for grave concern when the weather is too sunny. Mostly I’m worried because I can’t wear my coat, fingerless gloves, or cute scarves and hats. But also because I hate the heat. I would love for sunshine to be a beautiful rarity.

9. I cringe when I talk about “soccer” because a part of me is aware that I live in America and people here will be confused if I say “football/futbahl” which is my first instinct.

10. Even if I’m just asking the till associate a question, I’ll “queue up” rather than cut in line.

Now that you know why I must be British (and marry an Englishman) I have a bit of an announcement to make.

This is my 200th post!

Cor blimey!!

In celebration, I would like to… umm… well, really I just want to go to bed. I shouldn’t be up so late when I work on the morrow. But I will not leave you comfortless! Here’s a comical video with two British guys storming Walmart!

(Alex is the same one who brought us Snarky Brit Reading Twilight, so we love him for that already.)

“It’s Coke all the things!”


13 thoughts on “Why I’m Secretly British

    1. Oh yes, indeed. ;) I was watching a behind-the-scenes for Downton and they were talking about their day to day filming schedule. They always take breaks for tea. :)

    1. I only found out there were books after I found the DVD’s on Amazon. I need to read them now! :D You’re so welcome!!

      Okay, that song is fantastic and I will now try to learn it and add to my work song repertoire. :D :D Thank YOU for sharing that! Heheheh!

      I KNOW RIGHT!?!? *sigh* I want one. A British man.

  1. Congratulations on your 200th post!

    Thanks for the wonderful food and fellowship the other night too. I can’t believe how good Lucille’s Beef Brisket is. It is soooo good, and if heaven had a taste it surely would be the Red Velvet Cake. Oh! Wait! I forgot… You weren’t there! (oopssorryaboutthatduckie) :) :)

    I sent you this picture via fb but I’m not sure that you saw it. I thought that you would think it funny.

    (itreallywouldhavebeenniceforyoutobeatdinnerwithus) :)

    1. Thank yew!! :)

      So rude!! :P You know what? Doesn’t even matter. I watched about forty Horrible Histories videos and played Facebook games and had warm gooey Panera cinnamon rolls. So HAH!

      HEHEHEH! Nice. :P

  2. Um, I love Dan Stevens. Like, beyond love. I love that he pronounces saw “sawr”. And I love his gorgeous blue eyes. And I love the voices he does. And I kind of replayed that clip like 5 bazillion times… But he’s married!!!! And has a kid! *INSERT DEPRESSED SIGH* That’s it. I am doomed to be a hermit living in a cave for the rest of my life. You can live in a neighbouring cave and we can comfort each other since the man of our dreams is married :( Boo.

    1. Isn’t he darling?? I adore his voices! Because they’re not over the top or ridiculously overdone, it’s just a slight variation of his already delicious accent. :)

      I will definitely join you in that cave!! Or maybe I’ll wait until my trip to England and if I don’t find any lookalikes there, I’ll “sit in a corner and cry, ‘heigh-ho’ for a husband.”

      1. Marie, have I told you before how much I love your icon? If so, here’s me repeating it. It’s awesome.

        There must be some community or support group we can join for that.

        I’m going in May!! I’ll take so many pictures my blog space will be all taken up! How’s that??

  3. Ommmmgoodness. I love him. He’ssoawesome. Major crush alert! *long sigh*

    Uh *cough* anyyywho. It’s true. There are a certain percentage of people in America who were abducted from their childhood English homes on moors or north of London and were smuggled to America. I would know because I’m one of them.

    End of story.

    I need to go to England! :P

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