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ABC Award!!

“When you read, you begin with…”
“A, B, C.”

Do, Re, Mi is now in my head. Which makes me think it’s time to listen to the Hieroglyphics song again! :D*

Am I distracting myself? Do, do excuse me. (Movie quote alert!)

Charissa from Joy in the Moments afforded me the great pleasure of receiving this award! Her blog is always a delight to visit, so please take a peek at it.

  • Passing the Proverbial Torch (people I’d love to see make lists)

Marie of Adventures in a Grown-up World
Timbo of The Creative Juicer
Picco of Spoonlighting
Elana of Cartoons & Creative Writing
(…who just so happens to be searching for blogs to nominate for all the awards she’s won and needs to pass on! So if you fancy getting recognized, do leave her a nice comment. Because she’s a crazy cool cat and deserves it. ;) )

Now for the cream! (And that is the second line I’ve quoted from the same movie.)

I’ve decided to make my ABC‘s a list of all time favourite books. See, I even changed my blog theme to match! What I love about this theme is it utilizes the “excerpts” so each and every post doesn’t take up so much room!

You tagees are welcome to make an alphabetical list of whatever suits you and your blog theme. Books, movies, fictional boyfriends, food dishes, fish breeds… you name it. Just have fun!

If I put the title of one book in a trilogy/cycle/series, this means I highly recommend the entire set of books but for the sake of space was forced to put one.

  • Loveliness that are books…

Anne of Avonlea –L.M. Mongomery (Book 2 in the Anne of Green Gables series)
Belle: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast –Cameron Dokey
Chalice –Robin McKinley
Dracula –Bram Stoker
Eldest –Christopher Paolini (Book 2 in the Inheritance Cycle)
Fondling Your Muse –John Warner
Goose Girl, The –Shannon Hale
Howl’s Moving Castle –Diana Wynne Jones
Inkdeath –Cornelia Funke (Book 3 in the Inkheart Trilogy)
Just Go To Bed –Mercer Mayer
King of the Middle March –Kevin Crossley-Holland (Book 3 in the Arthur Trilogy)
Lord of the Rings, The –J.R.R. Tolkien (Yes, the entire set.)
Maid Marian –Elsa Watson
Nancy Drew Mysteries
Outlaws of Sherwood, The –Robin McKinley
Phantom of the Opera, The (Lowell Bair translation; Bantam Classics. Get a hold of it if you can.)
Question of Time, A (I can’t find the author. It’s a really old kid’s mystery that always spooked me.)
Rose Daughter –Robin McKinley
Scarlet Pimpernel, The –Baroness Emma Orczy
Taran Wanderer –Lloyd Alexander (Book 4 in The Chronicles of Prydain)
Uglies –Scott Westerfeld (Entire series.)
Vampire Lestat, The –Anne Rice
Woman in White, The –Wilkie Collins
Extras –Scott Westerfeld (I know, sort of cheating. But honestly, what kind of a letter is X?)
Year of Disappearances, The –Susan Hubbard (Book 2 in the Ethical Vampire trilogy.)
Z -I have nothing. There is a retelling of Rapunzel called “Zel” that looks promising, but I’ve yet to read it and therefore cannot add it to this list. :(

*You may ask how many times I’m going to slip that video link into a post. The answer is: As many times as it takes for every one of my subscribers to memorize it. *maniacal laughter*


17 thoughts on “ABC Award!!

  1. I love your list. Scarlet Pimpernel is one of my all time favorites. I can read that one over and over again and never be sick of it. And the Anne series. Loved your post. It’s fun to see how different bloggers accept this award.

    1. Yes!! I so rarely reread a book that when I’ve read one more than three times, I’m absolutely positive it’s a keeper. Scarlet Pimpernel is one of them. Marguerite is my all-time favourite book heroine.

      Thanks! I can’t wait to see what my tagees choose to make lists of! :D

    1. Indeed! One of the few I will reread. :) I know someone who did a mind-blowing audiobook of it, too! He adds the music from the films so you really get the feel of being transported to Middle Earth and he does all the voices distinctly and the sound effects… ack! It’s so brilliant. :D But anyway, yes. Epic, indeed.

      1. *whoa* that sounds amazing. Putting The Lord of the Rings to audio was quite an accomplishment! I’m pretty sure that I would devote whole days to listening to it. :D


    1. It’s such a good book! Making this list gave me a desire to reread every last one of them, but I do not have the time, what with the five other books I’m currently reading.

      That last phrase… story of my life. Har har. Story. Get it? Because… books. :P I’ll just… walk away awkwardly now.

  2. Aww, you’re far too nice! :D Thanks!
    Yes! Send all the minions to come and comment! ;)
    Anne of Avonlea!!! I loved it when I was about 15! Also, Lord of the Rings! :D :D

    PS. Now Do, Re, Mi is stuck in my head as well. In Maria’s voice obviously. :P

    1. You are most welcome! :) I’m really excited about seeing how everyone I tagged fills out their ABC’s! :D

      Wonderful!! I read those first at 15 as well! It was a good year of book discovery for me. :D But so was 2010; a good year for reading. I didn’t have a job then so all I did was read and write. *tearful sigh* It was a beautiful age.

      Hehehe! Mine too! Every time I come to this post it pops back in my head!

  3. Aw thanks *blushes* I never know quite what to do when I get an award. Usually I stand there awkwardly grinning like a fool :)

    Yes! More books!!!*gobbles up your list of books*



    But seriously, I do appreciate it, and congratz yourself! Idk when I’ll get around to this, but I love the concept. Bother me enough and I’ll do it.



    1. *sigh* It’s horrible how much you sound like me in your “maybe” giving.



      *bother* *bother *bother*

      *bother* *bother *bother* *bother* *bother *bother* *bother* *bother *bother* *bother* *bother *bother*


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