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Darlings, I have outlined a novel.

Watch Phil's animated LOTR dubs on YouTube. Because I quote it when I'm happy.


This is astonishing news to come from one such as I. My general method of story writing starts with grand and glorious inspiration, followed by a feverish desire to write the beginning, a solid idea for an ending, and not a thought to the bridge in between. Thus, I never finish a book. (That’s my excuse theory, anyway.)

Tonight, while waiting for my mother to come out of a department store, I devised the chapter-by-chapter structure and developed the basic plot of Red. Then I scribbled what I could fit onto a receipt from Trader Joe’s–which was obviously not mine because there was no mac n’ cheese to be seen on the list of purchased items.


According to my outline, Red will have a Prologue, an Epilogue, and sixteen chapters betwixt. There are some definite gaps that need filling, but it is an incredible weight lifted off my shoulders to have this guide. I cannot even express with words how excited I am! So let me try to show you…

And please take thirty seconds of your time to watch the first thirty seconds of this video to understand the title of this post. Pleeeeaase. :D And no one will blame you if you watch the entire clip. Really, it’s okay. I won’t mind. ;)


11 thoughts on “Nnngnyyyitsabook!

  1. When you mentioned your story Red, something far in the recesses of my brain was like, “Hey! Remember like a million years ago and you read that on Fictionpress??” REVELATION. I think I remember you from fictionpress! Very, very vaguely :P

    But anyway, that’s really exciting news! I’m so glad for you :) I definitely think writing the middle of the book is the hardest; it’s the filling that gives the most trouble. Good luck with it!
    P.s. That video was hilarious and so were those pictures, especially the last one.

    1. That’s awesome!! How amazingly amazing to be remembered (even if vaguely) from Fictionpress! :D

      I find it’s the same for me. I get off to a great start, but the middle gets hazy. Right now it’s actually the end that’s giving my grief, but because of the flash backs and time differences, technically its roots are in the middle. So I do need to figure out what’s going on before I start writing. The culmination of the villainous plots all reveal at the end, but things before that need to give the reader clues about what’s happening and I can’t leave clues throughout the narrative if I don’t know what I’m leaving clues for.

  2. Wow, good job!! I wrote a book (still working on editing it), but I didn’t have any kind of any outline whatsoever to go by. That probably would’ve helped. a lot. Have fun writing!!


    1. Thank you, thank you!!

      Congratulations on writing a book! That’s definitely an accomplishment. I am the worst person when it comes to completing writing projects, so I’m really hoping this outline helps me get something finished.

      Have fun editing! I can’t wait to get to that part on my nearly-finished novel! When I get to read over it with a red pen in hand!

      1. Bethie: Yes definitely! My problem is that I have really great scenes, but I change the plot over and over again and then I don’t like the voice so I change it, then I dislike a character so I get rid of it and try someone new. Then I’m like, “AGGRGH WHY AM I WRITING THIS ANYWAY??” ….lol, it’s a long process.

        Tia: Congrats! That’s way better than me. The most I’ve ever finished is two short stories :/

      2. Thanks! Well, I think I’ll really feel accomplished after I’ve finished the editing. That’s the longest and most tedious part…. I can’t wait until I can actually start writing stories again, without worrying about typos! ;)

        I’m sure that the outline will really help!! It’s amazing what can happen when you have all your thoughts organized. :D


      3. Marie: Thanks so much! Hey, short stories are an accomplishment in itself. I can’t write short stories – I’m much too wordy and excited about plot to compact it into a short story. It would be awesome if I could write short stories. They’re quite difficult – or at least for me they are. ;) So congratulations to you!!


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