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Kdramas! …or why you haven’t heard from me.

Yes, I know, it’s been a while. Although no one’s contacted me through comments to beg for my return to the blogging sphere, I could sense your hearts crying out in pain as you missed me so severely.

It’s my manager’s fault for showing me Hulu’s collection of Korean dramas.

So, my lovelies! An update you shall have! An update meshed with my Friday YouTube clips because I haven’t done those in a while and it’s traditional for my generation to share video clips on a Friday night. (How many grammar nuts did I just offend with those last three “sentences?” I apologize.)

Before we get to the “me” stuff, though, I want to give my thanks to Mara-lovely-Mara (I did say that like it was one word.) for her makeup tutorial that inspired me to buy gold eye shadow!

I used the glowing look for the wedding I went to, and have been loving it and using it ever since. It’s a great, easy fix-up for work, too!

I meant to post some pictures from the wedding, but my wonderful friend likes to catch me in the most awkward expressions (she calls these “Freakish Beth pictures”) and the makeup wasn’t very prominent in any of them.

Here’s one anyway; my personal favourite she took that night…

A prime example of "Freakish Beth"

I know you can tell nothing of my makeup products from that picture, but I assure you that without them, Freakish Beth would have been far more hideous.

By the way, Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm is crazy expensive, but well worth it. I splurged on some “Pink Blossom” colour for myself, and it’s deliciou… I mean, very pretty! I love how light it is, so you get a not-too-far-from-your-natural-lips tint.

Friday Night YouTube

For this scene alone, You’re Beautiful/Minami Shineyo will forever be treasured in my heart. “Bi Bi noodles!!”

Wow. I took a little (forty minute) break to watch a bunch of behind-the-scenes. There were no subtitles, but the adorableness translates without the English. :D

And no, you won’t understand how great this song is until you’ve watched that drama and cried during the recording scene. Or at least teared up. Or… felt something… flutter… in your chest?

Since I’m all about Koreans tonight. xD

I can’t quite express why, but I find this one of the cutest things ever. (For context, he’s talking to his dog, Jolie. And she’s named after Angelina Jolie. Which somehow makes it cuter!! xP)

Okay. Now I should go do something more useful. Like… laundry. Or… or not.


5 thoughts on “Kdramas! …or why you haven’t heard from me.

  1. Oh, so it’s totally okay if I email you randomly saying things like, “WHY HAVEN’T YOU BLOGGED?? I’M DYING FROM LACK OF BETHANISH!!” Because in my mind, it came across as really creepy/stalkerish.

    You have really pretty eyes! and I definitely don’t think you look freakish at all!

    Those videos are cute, even if I’m not sure I’m actually getting the point…


    1. Oh, but of course! You may not know this, but I’m the reason restraining orders exist. I’d be the type to buy a controversial “Stalking = Valentine” card, and/or fall in love with a kidnapper as long as he didn’t beat me. :P

      Okay, not really. But you should totally do that sometime! I would be quite amused!

      Aw, thank you! That is definitely not the most flattering picture of me, but you’re sweet for thinking I don’t look freakish. :)

      It’s hard to understand unless you watch the drama. Hulu has it!! You totally should watch it. It’s adorable and hilarious throughout. :D

  2. Hey, I consider myself a grammar nut, and I wasn’t offended. ;) But maybe you mean nuttier nuts than me.

    I don’t think you look freakish, either. Your expression’s slightly amusing, but you look pretty.

    I’d like a post of all your Freakish Beth pictures so I can vote on the freakishest!

    1. Oh, good!

      Hold up… is there anyone nuttier than you? ;) I tease, I tease. You’re a lovely nut. :)

      Oooh… that sounds like a dangerous and hysterical challenge! That’s actually quite a good idea. I’ll keep it in mind!

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