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10 Things A Female Writer Does When Stalling

1. Pointing toes. I have to test my damsel fainting posture and while so doing I’ve come to the horrifying conclusion that my toes don’t point daintily. They stretch out with little gaps like they’re clawing the ground. *gasp* I have ape toes!!

2. Conversing with characters. I was having trouble with a one-shot, so I asked Guy (not my character) what I was doing wrong. He said I had my head in the clouds and it was my own fault for spending so much time with Alan Warren (not my character either). So I went to sulk in H2O stories, but couldn’t get Ben Davidson out of my head. Then I wrote three pages of Felicity fan fiction. It was a low point for me. Well… *smirk* except I rather liked what came of those three pages.

3. Dramatic Sing-Alongs. On My Own, I’ll Be There, All For Laura, When I Look at You, Part of Your World, Without Words, Unworthy of Your Love… etc. These are the life’s blood of a bored writer who listens to Broadway.

4. Very bad drawings. I can’t draw for fluff. I never could. And yet, I try. I draw schematics of buildings that defy physics, I doodle faces of characters that don’t look a thing like them, and I draw maps. The maps actually help me. Sort of.

A Phantom Family Portrait

5. Binge eating. If I had a normal person’s ability to gain weight, I’d be a 400 pound woman. Anytime I reach a pause in my writings I feel hungry. I’ve consumed more tea and chocolate than many people will in a lifetime. :) I’m so lucky. And my skin is so bad. :P Cereal is good, too. And sandwiches. But those take longer to put together.

6. Television reruns. There are times I simply do not want to write. Or I want to write with noise in the background and music isn’t helping. That’s when Netflix is called upon. Psych, Dr. Who, subpar romantic comedies. I’ve decided to watch Lost all the way through. I couldn’t remember where I’d left off so I began from the Pilot again.

7. House cleaning. You’ve heard it said a clean house is the sign of a broken computer. Well, a clean room is the sign of a broken writer. Every so often folding laundry actually helps me with scene development. But it’s problematic because then I have half-folded laundry piles I must walk away from to write down what I figure out.

8. Korean Dramas. It’s important to note, this falls into its own category and does not get clumped with TV watching. The biggest reason being that once you start an episode, clip watching, soundtrack playlist building, or anything to do with a K-drama, five hours have passed before you realize. Engrossing. That’s what they are.

9. Online Shopping. Ebay and Amazon; the perfect places to get rid of money and gain more books and K-drama memorabilia! Also, The Victorian Trading Company offers me beautiful things to make me feel like a lady.

10. Blogging. Know what I should be doing now? It’s not blogging, but here I am. :P Okay, I’ll get back to piecing my chapter together!

Flight To The Ford: featuring blob wraiths and Frodo, the hobbit

10 thoughts on “10 Things A Female Writer Does When Stalling

  1. 11.) Checking hair approximately 300 times. Neither the computer, the paper nor I really care what it looks like! Foolish maid! :P
    12.) Wasting hours (I mean hours) on Tumblr, looking at people’s pictures.

    I’m glad to see that Frodo is giving those wraiths hell on the way to the Ford for a change, instead of fainting as usual! ;)

    1. Ooo, how did I forget those?? Both are excellent methods of stalling! Yes, Tumblr. Oh how I abuse you. :P

      Yes! Just moments before he drops his weapon and passes out. Hehehe. I kind of based that on a Bakshi animated scene. If you’d care to see the silliness, the dubbed version is here:

  2. “Whhhhen I LOOK at you!” oh my goodness. Heart be still Percy is singing!! *cough* Um, yes I do have a crush on his voice. But seriously, how can you not? It’s so romantic.
    Doctor Who?! Psych?! Lost!!? Victorian Trading Company?!!!? You are pretty much my favorite person now :D

    P.s. It took my about a half an hour to write this comment because I’ve been alternating between reading “The Dreamer” and freaking out because it’s amazing! Thanks, I’ll be reading it all day now.

    1. *GASP!!* Have we chatted Pimpernel before!? I know so few people who actually know the musical version exists, let alone are as in love with Percy as I am!!

      Yaaay for being a favourite person! :D You’re officially my favourite now, too. Let’s get badges! Oh wait. We don’t have time. We’re too busy spending what little money we have on pretty VTC things to the rich melodies of Percy’s romancing!

      EEEEP! YES!!! I’ve reeled in another reader!! Oh, wonders, but it gets me *touches heart* right here. Tell me when you get to “the letter” and how bad you cry!

      1. We haven’t, but isn’t it amazing?? A friend showed it to me like 3-4 years ago and I was instantly enamored. I think I listened to it everyday for a few months at one point :P

        Well instead of badges we could get matching Victorian jewelry like this amazing ring I found today: http://www.victoriantradingco.com/store/catalogimages/1a/i18981.html Try and tell me this isn’t the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen!

        Oh myyyy goodness! Yes, I just finished that part and there were definitely some tears making an entrance on my face :( He had better live!

      2. SO amazing!! Marguerite is my favourite literary heroine and I love what Christine Andreas brought to her in musical form! It’s just… *gushes* … so gorgeous! The whole thing is!! I MUST SEE IT!!

        EEEEEP!! I WANT IT!!! Okay, good call. Those can be our matching “badges.” :D

  3. 1. Ape toes!!? Have you seen Amanda K’s., wait lets call her A. Keller’s, toes? She can pick up a baseball with ‘em. (sheknowsitbutdonttellheritoldyou)

    3. To love another person is to see the face of God!

    8. Okay, so you know how I want to be like you when I grow up right? Well, I try a lot of the stuff that you post etc. Let me just say, about the Korean Drama’s….., thank goodness someone answered the Suicide Prevention Hot Line when I called!

    Are you still doing Mira’s weekly challenges? I haven’t seen one in a while and I miss them a lot.

    As of writing this I have seven tickets left for that movie, so if any of you are going I need to know sooner than later before the remaining tic’s are spoken for.

    God bless you and your family Miss Bethie!

    Chris H.

    1. I have seen her toes, actually, on several occasions, and your comparison makes me feel better, thanks! :P

      Hey! How many did you try, sir? Because that one I started ages ago (Summer Scent) I even gave up on for being way too long and depressing. But You’re Beautiful and so far My Lovely Sam-Soon are hysterical and wonderful and ridiculously adorable. So there! I’m planning on doing some reviews of the ones I finish soon… so there, again!

      Mara’s not really doing active challenges. They’re more like, “Pick an old picture to do when the mood to write hits.”

      Oh yes… well, I don’t have my schedule for that week yet, and I don’t like to say yes or no until I have a better idea of what my work week suggests. I’d like to be there for the birthday part, but it seems like a long night, and honestly, this week is already threatening to wipe me out. :/ So I guess that’s a no. Unless I’m able to crash the party later!

  4. Um, are we twins? Seriously, I’m convinced you and I share the same wacko brain. Totally a compliment, by the way.

    And I’m with you on the reruns. I’ve watched every Psych episode out, so I’ve had to move on to oldie classics like Saved By the Bell and The Cosby Show. Yeah…

    1. Oh, darlin, that’s a wonderful compliment! Yay, I love finding twins! :D

      *nods* Okay, those two I have not watched consistently, (I have seen several episodes of each) but I’m a firm believer in reruns. :)

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