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Wake Me Gently, My Sunshine… Award

  Many thanks to Jennifer M Eaton for not only spreading sunshine through her blog, but giving me and others the chance to earn this award as well. :)

Now when I hear the word “sunshine,” automatically this Korean song pops into my head. Probably because “sunshine” is one of few English words in the song. But it’s really lovely, like the title says.

Lovely DayPark Shin Hye [Lyrics in English]

This award comes with the standard rules attached, but I’m going to be a rebel and switch things up again.

1) Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to them in your post. -Well, that one I’m keeping. ;)

2) Tell us some things about yourself.  -But mine will all contain the words sun, hot, or orange.

3) Nominate 10 bloggers.   -I reserve the right to turn this into a contest, like Jennifer did.

4) Contact these bloggers and let them know they have received this award.  -They will know. Somehow… somewhere… over the rainbow.

Sunshiny Facts

1) I prefer rain to sunshine. But when it’s cool and sunshiny, that is marvelous. Or when the sunshine is a rarity.

2) I can’t seem to locate my favorite orange and white striped sweater that makes me feel like a creamsicle. I should really start a search party for it.

3) I’m very hot right now (you can take that any way you like) because I just finished a two hour dance fest to FT Island and CN Blue…

I replay this song twenty times a day now. ^_^

4) I wanted to have my practice packing for England done prior to the sun going down, but it looks like I might almost be too late. Well… if I hurry, maybe.

5) No. Judging from all my stalling tactics (internet searches and music video watching) I’m not going to beat that sunlight. Oh well! That’s why God invented lamps!

Your Shot at the Spotlight

Rules: In the comment section, write 100 words or less to describe sunshine. I do not maintain the rule that it must include the word sunshine because I want to be a little different. But it should have the right feel to it. Make me see sunshine through words!

I don’t have a huge group of followers, so top three gets this award. If there are only three contestants, ya’ll get it! Yaaaay!


14 thoughts on “Wake Me Gently, My Sunshine… Award

    1. I’m excited for the entries! I didn’t set a date to have it done by, but I guess there should be some kind of deadline. Maybe… a week? I’m so bad at updating that I don’t want to give any less time. :P

    2. Oh yes, and England!! IKNOWRIGHT!?!? For three weeks I’ll be “on holiday” with my best friend and her parents. :D I’m also going to Highclere Castle. *SQUEEEEE* and seeing Phantom in London! *SQUEEEE* aaand visiting Lyme Park, home of Pemberly. *SQUEEEE!!*

    1. I had hoped making it a contest would bring all my readers out of the woodwork, but they seem to be lurking for the most part… Well, maybe by the weekend I’ll get some action! ;)

      Ooo, now that song is in my head! Must fish it out! To YouTube! :)

    1. Hehehe!! Awww, nothing cuter than Ron. ^.^

      Nope! There are no rules against using the word! And my, you did it beautifully!! I love this! I’m going to leave the contest open for one more week, so hang in there. ;)

  1. Here it is! I did use the word sunshine, but you never actually said I couldn’t. ;)

    Sharp, hot daggers of fire stabbed a woman’s bare back. This was a midsummer shine.

    Little spots of cool, dappled light swayed as the tree’s branches moved in the wind. This was a shaded shine.

    Rays sliced the air like knives and produced patches of warmth amid coolness. This was a dispersed shine.

    Warm, soothing fingers thrust aside the chill and gently massaged the shivering boy. This was a snowy shine.

    Fire lit up the world. This was sunshine.

    1. By the way, I know it’s been forever, but you totally earned this award! So do take it, dearie! :)

      And I still love your sunshine piece. :D Thanks for doing it!!

      1. Thank you! I’ll pass this on. Someday. ;)

        And you’re welcome. I enjoyed writing it!

        Oh, speaking of awards, did you notice I gave you the Liebster Award? Because I did. Except I just noticed that you have over 200 followers, so you weren’t supposed to have qualified. Oh, well. You deserve it anyway. :D

      2. Whaaaaa… I have over 200 followers?? When did this happen, and why did I not throw a massive party? Goodness!

        Well, I’m all for stealing awards I don’t deserve! :P Haha. Kidding. Mostly. Maybe I could weave it into a “Thanks, subscribers!” sort of post, and then they won’t notice I cheated. ;)

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