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On Holiday!!

Monday, the 21st of May, I’ll be leaving for a three week holiday to the UK with my best friend and her parents. We’ll be predominately in England, but we hope to travel into Scotland by way of train. Due to my blissful departure, (I say that as if this entire week isn’t going to be off-the-wall hectic and stressful) I will be even more absent from my blog than I have been.

When I return, I hope to have a working computer. But I won’t know for sure until Best Buy gets back to me… or my mother who will direct the news to me via international phone. Which I still need to set up.

I’m very frightened of how many emails I’ll have. It was up to 180 last time I checked, and that was from being out sick for a mere four days. *shudder*

But just so you don’t feel left out, I’m giving you images of some of the grandest things I’m looking forward to on this trip. (Meaning, I want to make you all jealous. Bwahahahaha!!!)

Longleat Maze, Safari, and Orangery

Lyme Park of Pemberly renown

Highclere Castle, site of Downton Abbey

Coombe Abbey; 12th century Cistercian abbey we’re staying in


I’d say I’ll miss you all, but considering where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing………

Oh fine. I’ll miss you all. ;) “ARE YOU HAPPEH NOW??”

If anyone gets that quote, I’ll be stunned. Really. I challenge you all to figure it out in my absence. Get back to me with your best guesses. Hehehe.


12 thoughts on “On Holiday!!

  1. ANFUTN 0HUOFFHU!! I’m so excited for you! But I also hate you…just a little :P JK, I don’t think I hate anybody. BUT YOU’RE STAYING IN A CISTERCIAN ABBEY AND VISITING DOWNTOWN? i’m jealous beyond belief right now :) Have fun!

    1. XD I was prepared to get some hatred with this post, so yeah. Hehehe. I KNOW, RIGHT!?! I can hardly believe it myself. I won’t fully believe it until we’re there, and probably not even then. My arm will be bright red with pinches!

    1. I shall!! Last trip I had 1400 pictures from places I was only ALMOST this excited about, but these sites have more meaning and… yes. I’m sure there will be LOTS of pictures. How many get posted is yet a mystery, though…

  2. Eek! :D Yes, I am jealous. Very. :D Eek. Actually, I’m clean out of words. :P Also, pics or it didn’t happen.

    PS. I’ve always loved the word “orangery”. Isn’t it lovely? ;)

    1. Eeeeep! Yes!!! I’m buying an extra battery for my camera (and have lots of extra memory cards, one of them being 16 Gbs xP) so there’s no chance of being caught in a situation where I NEED a picture and can’t take one. :D

      Yes!!! I always feel a little smug when I say, “Yes, and we’re visiting an orangery…” Theirs is a 19th century greenhouse that’s turned into an Italian coffee and pastry shop! *dies*

  3. Bethany (eye) this is (ha8) the greatest (ewe) thing in (2) the world (like) and I (every) couldn’t be (won) happier for (else) you. Luvubye! :) :) :)

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