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Listen to this stuff

Here are some songs that will console you while I’m in a faraway country. Listen, watch, and think of me fondly.

Speaking of which…

1. Think of Me

2. What Sara and I are Like on Vacation

3. Since I Love Korean Stuff You Should Sing This in My Honor

I even found you the one with romanized lyrics so you can totally learn it for reals, yeah? :P Or just do what I do and go around singing, “MEEESSSING YEW, AHM MEESSSING YYYEEEW!!”

4. An Educational and Britishy Song

This whole song is just made of epic win, but my favourite parts HAVE to be, “People hated us, and we hated them tooo!” and “Me, I would have been more at home in a… *inappropriately high note* zoo-oooo!” I sing that last line at work all the time. Makes my coworkers go, “What? o.O”

5. Because It’s Phil and Lord of the Rings

This will be the audio of choice during very long car (and possibly train) rides. So if you want to listen along, you may think of me listening too. In a country you wish you were visiting. But can’t, because you are not me. :P Wow, I should stop being so smug. I’m going to lose all my readers to envy. I’M SORRY, COME BACK, I LOVE YOOOOU!!!!


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