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Windsor Castle and a Very Scrummy Lunch

Avoiding emails is bad. I stopped checking them consistently because there were too many to deal with, but you know what? Ignoring them just makes them increase! Who knew? :P (Answer: Anyone with common sense–not me.) Finally got them under 200 again! Woo! Small victory.

But that’s not what you’re here for.

Guess what??


Now that I have your attention…

That is my suitcase. Captain Ricardo, usually just “Reecarrrrdoh!” with a Spanish accent. I packed it very full and each time I had to open it, a clothing explosion occurred. My toast tag made it almost definite that no one would mistakenly steal my suitcase, and pig rabbit sealed the deal. Piggy bunny came to England with me! *girly giggles*

And guess what? I like airplane food. More than that, I love it! I don’t have to cook, a British man named “Scott” in a shiny purple vest brings it to me, it’s hot, it’s comforting… what’s not to love? I must clarify; the salad wasn’t hot. It was fresh and cool and lovely. :)

Our first peek at England outside the airport–this trip. We have seen Heathrow/London before, but it was not as extensive.

An English lane. A real. English. lane.

In Windsor, before we did any major sightseeing, it was time to fill our tummies. Bella Italia did the trick. Yes, our first meal in England was Italian food. But look at those pizza dough bread batons and garlic dipping sauce! Who’s complaining?? Certainly not our ten-hour-flight-veteran selves!

Windsor Castle! And I’m sure some of those people are native Brits. ;)

St. George’s Gate, of St. George and the Dragon! We have this incredible picture book of this story. Or we did… I hope we do! It’s one of my favourites because Una is coloured with this gorgeous, wispy dress of white and silver.

An arrow slat, for inflicting violence upon opposing forces! I love a good arrow slat. :D They make a castle so much more… castley!

Windsor Castle never had a real moat. They called it a “dry moat” because it had no water, and at some point a garden was put in there. It’s a beautiful garden; it really is. But it’s not a moat. Not even a little bit.

I took some “postcard pictures” that day.

Ooooh guardy guard, ooooh guardy guard! How you embody England! Oh guardy guard, oh guardy guard! How you embody England! Your coat is reeeeed, your hat is big… I’m too tired to make the song rhyme.

Our Starbucks are DEPRIVED!! Look at this goodness! Marshmallow twizzles!! WHERE ARE MY MARSHMALLOW TWIZZLES, HUH!? I have to go to England for them! And if you’re curious, these are exactly what they look like. Marshmallows on a stick, covered in chocolate and chocolate stars. Pure. Sugar. Goodness.

The best thing about England is that no matter where you go, it’s assumed you’ll require tea. And we required tea. Lots of it. So each hotel has a tea service readied for your arrival! I love England. Love it.

What having money looks like in England.

JUST to prove I was there. I’m breaking the “never wear sunglasses in a picture” rule. *is ashamed* And that blustery day did a number on my hair. England did many strange things to my hair. It still hasn’t recovered.


18 thoughts on “Windsor Castle and a Very Scrummy Lunch

  1. Wow, England looks amazing! Words cannot express my envy right now. (But then again, I want to travel to most countries…)
    Those marshmallow twizzles look soooo good! But then again, it’s practically sugar covered in sugar on a stick, so how could it be bad?

    1. I know that envy. I feel that envy whenever I’m *not* in England, and I know someone else who is! I have a list of several other countries I want to explore. I think next is a more extensive stay in Scotland/Ireland, and then New Zealand. :)

      Agreed! You can’t go wrong with sugar covered sugar!

  2. Speaking of England doing strange things to your hair, does this have anything to do with using American shampoo with English water? Because I’ve heard strange things about water being different in other countries, and I’m curious if England is one of those countries.

    1. Oooh, that’s a good point! The water does seem to have a lot more… mineral stuff in it. Although my shampoo is Tressemme. Does that count as American? :P it sounds French!

  3. Absolutely love the Lane. Only one thing would make it better (canyouguesswhatthatis), but I still love it. Sara will never pass for a Brit… teethare too straight, which is a good thing. Who is the chickette in the sunglasses and where are you!? :)

    1. My jetlagged state excuses me from people pictures! We were walking very fast and I wanted to see this lane in all it’s laney glory later!!

      I was probably off shmoozing the guard. ;)

      1. You have to write “There are *no* excuses from taking people pictures.” one hundred times! Lanes are not for walking fast on, much less *very* fast. I blame the Millers….. shame on them. If it was English, and if it was a man, I’m sure that you were shmoozing it! :) (albumnumberthreeplease) :)

      2. If I do that, my hands will be too sore to sort through more pictures and post them. So you have to think about that very carefully. :P
        I blame one Miller in particular, who liked to walk twenty paces ahead of the rest of the group and not ever turn around to make sure we were keeping up! :P

  4. AHHH awesomeness! I love everyone of these pictures. This post is awesome, even though it was lacking a wet moat, the marshmallow twizzles (even the name is fantastic) and abundance of tea services more than makes up for it :)


    1. Huzzah!!! I love approval. :D I agree. Windsor’s lack of moat almost had me in a huff, but the tea and accented peoples and twizzles made up for it!

  5. Scrummy. Heehee :)

    I love a good arrow slat too. I actually have one in my room to shoot…uhhh…annoying siblings? That sounded less violent in my head.

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!

    1. I love British slang. :D

      That’s amazing! I don’t mind sibling violence. I practice it all the tiiii…Imeanwhat? :P

      I really am going to make an effort to put more up soon! I am! *grumbles* Work makes me tired. :(

  6. I fully intend being a comment spammer tonight! I read all your posts as they came out, but obviously I need to have my say on everything! :P
    – I’m really glad someone likes aeroplane food! I can’t stand it… well, I’ve only had to face it once, so I probably shouldn’t speak, but I was really really airsick at the time. Then the plane staff conspired that they would heat up lamb for us. Urgh… that smell when you are trying to keep your breakfast down… I couldn’t even look at the food! ;)
    It’s an English lane! Ohmygoshigoshigosh!
    – Castley… :lol:
    – Yes. Everyone should require tea! :D
    You know I’m still really jealous, right? ;)

    1. *sung to Oh Christmas tree* Yay, comment spam, yay, comment spam! From Elana, thou art loooovely!!
      Uhhh… wow. Lamb? That’s… weird. I mean, I hear they eat a lot of lamb in Europe (we avoided it because we made friends with all the sheep :P) but on a plane? I can understand the aversion.
      HEHEHEHE!! Exactly!! I was looking through my pictures last night and chiding myself for depriving you all of more English lane and places pictures!
      I dooo… so would it be bad to post more pictures? (Can you tell I’m lazy and trying to stall? :P)

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