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30 Days of Writing: Day 10

Challenge #10: What are some really weird situations your characters have been in? Everything from serious canon scenes to meme questions counts!

Weeeeeell… I once wrote a scene where all my fictional characters were begging me to finish their stories. But instead of finishing a story I wrote that scene. Which is a depressing kind of irony, I think. I’ll put a snippet from that as the featured one today.

A couple of my creations have ended up in that infamous Husband Closet of mine. Is it weird to be in love with a creation? Ooo… that makes me want to write a story about… *fists head* NO!! You have too many projects to complete!

All my characters have been in strange situations. They wouldn’t have plots to live through if it was all ordinary living. Can you imagine a book full of the day to day details of an ordinary girl’s life? Oh wait… I think there’s a book like that.


Featured Snippet

Beth took the fraction of silence to glare flying swords at her muse. Almaund avoided her gaze and scowled menacingly at the floor.

“My cereal was soggy last night,” he muttered, deeming it a perfectly acceptable excuse for not sharpening the proverbial pens.

Mina played with the ends of her waist-length hair and said, “All we want is words.”

Beth looked around at the crestfallen faces surrounding her.  Ariane was finger tracing the ugly scar on her arm, remnant of the epic accident she’d had with the vase stall in Televast.  Clara sat forlornly with perfect Regency posture between Jack and Arthur who both felt utterly forgotten, and Payne looked on as if he finally realized what his name was for. Various male subjects brooded or sulked, and Dracena alternated between faces of shock and despair, the shock being directed towards girls like Kira and Casey, who kept making bizarre references to things they considered almost as tragic as not having an ending.

Emeric and Lucius were the only ones who seemed wholly unconcerned by their stories’ lack of progress. Lucius was staring profoundly at a seething Brooklyn, while Emeric muttered into his cloak which had come unclasped at the neck. Phaelon would probably leave any minute so that no one would see when his eyes started pooling.

That is a section from the piece I wrote many, many moons ago. Before Panera, before Europe, and before I’d finished the first chapter of Turnings. Funny–and weird–how different my writing is now. And yet, how similar.

Featured Image(s)

THIS is the reason this post has taken so long. THIS is what I’ve been working on in the dark, hiding it after each frame in a “Spies” book. Secretly. Secretly. Oh, Christine. You WILL have to full size the pictures to see them properly. Works best if you right click, open in new tab and switch back and forth from the image to the list of things. And please do, because awful as they are, I took forever to draw them and I’d love for you to laugh at my silliness. :)

The Longest OC Meme Ever
stolen from The Dreamer OC Remix – Although I can’t find the original because the link is broken.

Choose ten of your OC’s. If you don’t have ten then fill in the empties with cool people.

I have the drawing talent of a four-year-old. No, I take that back. That’s an insult to four-year-olds. :P

#1. Emma BrowneThe Baffling Case of Miss Emma Browne
[A modern girl thrust into Victorian life.]
#2. Brisella Prentiss
Wind Blessed
[Heroine of an elemental fantasy; possess the ability to create and control wind.]
#3. Red
[Alternate version of Little Red Riding Hood. She has no memories left.]
#4. Mr. Prentiss
Wind Blessed
[Brisella’s father. A simple bookkeeper in a small village.]
#5. Mlle. Lucy Abelard
Transition of Affections
[Phantom of the Opera fan fic OC.]
#6. Titus Flannegin
Titus Flannegin’s Amazing Machine
[A sad and slightly crazy scientist.]
#7. Payne Ryker
Beauty and Payne
[A disowned angst-muffin with a facial deformity.]
#8. Princess Andahlia Fraewyn of Tikaea (Princes Dahlia)
Royal Interview
[A slightly haughty princess who likes things to be done properly.]
#9. Olderic
Brides of Plunder
[Warrior and leader of the Mandor tribe.]
#10. Count Grigori Haanrath
The Turnings
[A vampire with a very broken moral compass.]

~The Meme~
Bearing in mind that I did not even finish all of it, because it’s just. that. long.

1. Four invites three and eight to dinner at their house. What happens?
A lot of awkward nothing.
2. Nine tries to get five to go to a strip club.
There’s no way that Olderic even knows what that is. Evidently The Doctor got mixed up in things and whether from misunderstanding or simply having a laugh, he sent Olderic and Lucy to a club together.
3. You need to stay at a friend’s house for a night. Who do you choose: one or six?
I don’t know that Titus even has a proper bed. If I could stay at anyone’s house in all my stories, it would probably be Emma’s. :) Ooooh Victorian meeeen!!
4. Two and seven are making out. Ten walks in. What is their reaction?
Brisella and Payne both have prospective love interests who are not each other. Grigori has injected them with a love potion and is running evil experiments as he observes from his tower of perverseness.
5. Three falls in love with six. Eight is jealous. What happens?
Yeah. That went down.
6. Four jumps you in a dark alleyway. Who comes to your rescue? Ten, two, or seven?
I cheated on a lot of these, but apparently Mr. Prentiss is not happy about his ultimate fate. And Grigori will jump at any opportunity to bite someone. I wonder if he knows Mr. Prentiss is a ghost… oh, and I’m wearing a nightcap. :P
7. One decides to start a cooking show. Fifteen minutes later, what is happening?
Poor, poor Emma.
8. Three has to marry eight, four, or nine. Who do they choose?
I stopped being creative and gave Red a boring wedding dress.
9. Seven “kidnaps” two and demands something from five for two’s release. What is it?
Payne somehow thinks the daughter of a 19th century doctor can do a better job of fixing his face than futuristic surgeons, apparently. And Brisella is just enjoying her water whirlpools.
10. Everyone gangs up on three. Does three have a chance in hell?
Let’s see… no. The wolf could probably take out Mr. Prentiss while Red knifed Payne, but anyone else gets involved, and she’s a goner.
11. Everyone is invited to two and ten’s wedding, except for eight. How do they react?
Brisella is drugged out of her mind. That’s the only proper explanation for her marriage to Grigori. And Dahlia knows this.
12. Why is six afraid of seven?
Payne is quite a demanding thing.
13. One arrives late for two and ten’s wedding. What happens and why were they late?
Emma was fetching me to fix things. Smart girl. I’m not sure why I ended up in striped pants and a long sleeve top, but oh well. My pen looks like a nail polish brush. :P
14. Five and nine get roaring drunk and end up at your house. What happens?
Lucy is unhappy with Erik’s continual obsession with Christine. Olderic did not protest when we put makeup on him and used his spear for a fruit-kabab. And I am karaoke partying to Disney songs.


6 thoughts on “30 Days of Writing: Day 10

  1. “Is it weird to be in love with a creation?” No. It is not. :D I was in love with Alaric for the longest time…
    I love this post. The Q&A is pretty much hilarious, especially with your illustrations! I hope you never stop writing things, Bethie, because they are very entertaining!

    1. Pretty sure I was falling in love with Alaric, too… and definitely Damien. Which could be a very bad thing. I’m not sure yet. :P
      Hehehe! Thank you! I hope the same for myself, because I can’t imagine how bored I’d be without a writing project. :)

  2. Ha ha! I’ve seen these sorts of things on FF profiles in which you choose characters from fandoms rather than OCs, but not with drawings! This is so amusing! And don’t insult your own drawing abilities for mine are worse. ;)

    1. I’ve seen those too, but nothing as involved as this! I’m glad you found it entertaining. :)

      Well, if you say so. ;) I love to make random paint drawings because they end up so ridiculous and horrible that it makes me laugh. A lot. :D

  3. “What are some really weird situations your characters have been in?” — Well, I’m not sure, but I think that comforting a dragon with a bad cold probably counts. I need to finish that story… and I always say that… :P

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