5 Looks I Want To Try

Five looks I might actually try, if only I had the money, skills, and bravery. (Or stupidity.)

  • Shorts With Tights

We saw this look in London a lot. I guess it rains so much in England that people get desperate to wear shorts in the summer regardless of the weather. So girls would walk down the street, carrying giant, colourful umbrellas while wearing shorts over tights.

Zooey pulls off this look. But that’s not a big surprise. She can pull off a lot of quirky looks. This is also a look combining shorts and tights that I really want to try.

  • Korean “Cutesy” Stuff

Like loose fitting tees with smiley faces and hoodies with animal ears.

tofebruary.com has oodles of stuff I want to buy. This “Playful Smile Top” would be in my closet or on my person at this very moment, except I can’t justify spending $24 on something I’d have to hide from most of my friends and family. I think it’s hilarious because it’s this vampire smiley face thing. Like, “Hellow! I’m adorable and cheerful and I just ate your arm off!” That’s the twisted side of me coming out. Oh, and look! The model is wearing shorts with tights, too; combining two daring fashion statements I want to try.

Kitty Hoodie from tofebruary.com – click to see more pictures

I could pull of this look. I could own it. This playful, cutesy stuff is so. me. The problem is that wearing anything like that would only put me in more danger of being mistaken for a twelve year old. I shouldn’t be tempted to make it worse for myself than it already is. :P

  • Giant Feather Earrings

I actually own a pair of these already. I look at them sometimes and go, “I should match an outfit with these, because they’re just… so. fun!” And then I realise all my summer clothes are either work uniforms, sundresses, or the colour blue, and nothing I have goes with the brownish earrings. Plus, I have to wear my hair a certain way so the earrings don’t overpower my face, and that’s a complication all its own.

  • Posh British Lady’s Hat

Speaks for itself, I think. :)

  • A Short Pixie Cut!

I’m already set to try this for my 25th birthday! We’ll see how long my hair gets by then.

But I have to be careful. With my round, babyish face, I could end up looking like a boy instead of a sophisticated girl-woman. Even this might be a bit short in the bangs to look good on me.

Then there’s this, which I think is utterly adorable, but perhaps not brave enough for a 25th BOOM SHAKALAKAH! (Perhaps.) I can see it working as a style once the pixie cut starts to grow out a little bit.

But this… this one would be scary, and possibly still be feminine enough. I’m scared. :P And also excited. But I have three years and three months to get used to the idea!


14 thoughts on “5 Looks I Want To Try

  1. Mr. Owl wants me to get some feather earrings. I think they’re fun. And secretly, I suspect he only wants me to get them so he can play with them. You should SO get that vampire smiley face shirt! Haha! It’s so cute!
    Also: Pixie cut! Getting a pixie cut is really, really fun. I will never do it again, but I’m glad I tried it. Although I really miss my long hair and I wish hair grew faster!

    1. Hehehe! That’s a good reason enough to buy feather earrings! ;D

      I want it. I do. I would wear it in secret and giggle to myself and have to hug myself around the middle whenever I walked out of my room to avoid mocking words, but it might just be worth it. :P

      I’m going to donate to Locks of Love so it’s not just a style thing. “Chop it all off… and give it to someone who wants it!” :)

  2. I really want to try the shorts+tights combo, but it’s about a bajillion degrees here right now, so I’m going to have to wait a while. Insert sad face. Also, I wish I was Zooey Deschanel because she’s pretty much the most gorgeous person in the world and can totally get away with wearing weird clothes…

    I’ve been trying to convince myself (and my mom) that I should get a pixie cut like Ginnifer Goodwin, but I think I’ll pull a Beth and wait it out til I’m 25. So, uhhh, I have 8 years to think it over ;)

    1. You and me are in the same boat, Picco. The heat should go away! I want rain and fog! Me too! Zooey Dechanel and Emmy Rossum. They always look pretty no matter what they wear. *sigh* Unfair.

      “Pull a Beth…” I’m not sure I’ve heard that phrase used so flatteringly before! Usually, it’s a manager saying someone dropped something or messed up an order. :P Eight years should be enough time to come to terms with it. ;)

  3. You should definitely get the vamp/smiley face top! It’s super cute and I think you could put if off. The shorts over tights thing I have yet to try, but several of my friends have worn it and it looked very attractive.

    I have two pairs of feather earrings and I love them both. They’re super adorable, but I do need to wear them more. The ones I have though aren’t summery enough :( That hair style is so so cute! I think you’d look good in it!


    1. That’s two votes (plus my own) for the vampire smiley top!!

      The ones I have are… I don’t know how to describe them. I guess… Native American influence. I feel like I’m going on a spirit journey when I put them on. :P

      Thanks! I’m excited to get to that point and try it out!

  4. I loved short hair when I had it for about 15 years…but now that I have it long, I can’t bear the thought of not being able to ponytail it when I’m lazy. But I love the styles you put up–and my 17 year old daughter loved them too. She’s thinking of going short, short.

    1. The hardest part for me is growing it out and it reaches that length where you can’t put it up the way you want, but it’s too long (in the layers and bangs) to look good as is, but you hate to get it trimmed because it feels like it’ll never grow out to a proper length. My bangs were doing that in England. Too many days I just pinned the troublesome things back.

      Oh, good! I think it’s a fun look! But it definitely takes some guts. I didn’t really get my hair cut until I turned 15. Then I took 12 inches off, and it was still past my shoulders!

  5. – I’ve done the shorts-over-tights look! (And with floral leggings. :P ) Yes, it probably is weird and walking in that combination feels a bit weird as well, but I still rather like it!
    – I’d probably wear any kind of weird earrings with anything, though one thing I have learned is don’t wear huge metal earrings along with a necklace that has magnetic beads. You’ll end up clipping yourself to your own neck all day! :lol:
    – You have more courage than me for that kind of haircuts… ;)

    1. Ooo, extra fun! Now I want to own floral leggings, too!
      Ah, yes, that does not sound very comfortable. :P Duly noted, thank you!
      Well, I talk big now… but I’ll probably get pretty nervous when the time comes for the chopping block!

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