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Busy Not Blogging

A picture post to show why I’ve been so absent in the blogging sphere.


The end.

No, no. I tease. But that’s how I’ve felt this month. Everyone at work is taking their summer vacations, so I’ve been doing 30-35 hour work weeks, coming home to redo my bedroom, and doing wonderful (but exhausting) things with grandparents and coworkers the time I have off. I say time, not days, because again, I do a lot right after I get off work.

The 9th, I got my hair trimmed, and so did my sister. We gave her bangs. (She doesn’t have bangs yet in this one.)

Friday the 13th, my grandparents took Ej and me to our state fair. I wore heels the whole time as part of a new challenge I gave myself. Any day I’m not working and have to leave the house for whatever reason, I must wear heels. The girls in Korean dramas wear heels for everything, and I aspire to be that awesome.

I am the happiest person alive when I have a corndog.

The day after the fair, I worked. And then turned traitor by trying a pesto and cheese sammich not of Panera making…

Then I fell asleep. I’m rather good at catching up on sleep in odd places, contorting myself to fit where I need to.

I have worked on my room a total of six days, a few hours at a time when I get off work. I had to take down (by that I mean unscrew, rip apart, and basically destroy) a giant desk, move everything out of the way to fit a giant futon bed in, paint one section of wall at a time, let that dry, move all my belongings to the newly dry wall, paint the next section, and so on and so forth. Oh, and each section requires two coats of paint. So that’s been.. exhausting. But still fun, and I know it’ll be worthwhile when I can put all my Victorian things around the room. :)

Since I can’t afford a smiley vampire shirt right now, I compromised and got a toothy cloud tee for painting.

This Friday, the 20th, I took a break from my room to dress a little nicer and go to dinner at The Elephant Bar–Grandpa’s treat. Guess where we went after that?

Here’s a big hint…

AAAGFAGAODIGHODHGIURHOEFASAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D It was kind of amazing. Also, I fell in love with THIS MAN and if you look at those pictures, *coughs*dressed like a 19th century man*coughs* you’ll see why. :) Aaaaand his voice!! It was better than the Prince Eric on CD. Ursula was, too, although sadly, Ariel was not up to par. But that didn’t matter! I was there for the Prince, darnit!!! :D :D :D :D Kiss The Girl was intense because they kept coming THIS close and just…no, and then the costumes were spectacular… I just… gush, gush, gush. The one complaint I have was that weird crush Flounder had on Ariel. I know in the Broadway, he’s a little boy, and it’s adorable and I was expecting that. Instead, he was played by someone more teenagerish and he kept talking about how in love he was with her. Yeeeaah.

You can have this, to enjoy, though. It’s pretty much the whole reason I wanted to go see it. :P

As of today, my door frame is done in a “Romantic Smoke” colour; a darker rose in comparison to the lighter “Embroidery Rose” on the door. I have a pink door. :D Teeheehee!

So far, ’tis been a productive month. :)






10 thoughts on “Busy Not Blogging

    1. My liver has more important things to worry about. Like the excessive amounts of alcohol this week wants me to ingest. :P (I’ve resisted. Mostly.)

      1. For the black-eyed part, or what? :P You are a wife beater, sooo…
        Hehehe. I looked up the recipe, and it looks delicious! I love orangey, pineapple flavours. :)

  1. OOh awesome! Re-doing your bedroom + Broadway miracles in one post? Life is good. I’m about to start red-doing my room too! Right now it’s this really obnoxious color of pink, but very soon it will be Calming Peach :D

    1. Indeed it is!! Ooo, peach sounds lovely! I never had a pink room. I heard you get sick of it pretty fast, as with certain hues of purple. I had a very pretty light blue. I still loved the colour, I just wanted a change–and a place for vintage things! :D Good luck with the room doings!

    1. I think the painting is done for the most part, but now I have to buy new furniture to have a place for all the things I’m still keeping in boxes. If you do, post pictures, please! :D

  2. And how about a picture of you in said heels? I kid! You have enough photos to sort out! ;) You’ll never see me in heels, reason being I can’t wear them. My right foot is a bit crooked, just enough to make that I step more towards the side of my foot, causing heels to slide out from under me… ;)
    I got pretty good at sleeping in the university library last year! The best bit about that is not the stiffness it causes, but the nice patterns my sleeves, books and bag always pressed into my cheeks! I once had to go to class with this ribbing-like pattern across my forehead… it felt as if everyone was staring at it! :lol:
    You picked lovely colours for your room! :D
    Now I’ve finally commented on everything I wanted to (between getting distracted by the Olympic swimming :P )!

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