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Full House – Korean Drama Review

Hangul: 풀하우스
English: Full House
Romanized: Pool Ha-woo-seu

Synopsis: Aspiring author, Han Ji Eun is tricked by her two friends into leaving on a “free vacation” to China. While she is gone they sell her house and take her money, leaving her stranded in a foreign country. Han Ji Eun begs the help of a famous actor, Lee Young Jae to return to Korea. She arrives home only to find it’s been sold to Lee Young Jae who accepts her services as a live-in maid to pay off her debt to him. Disorganised and messy Han Ji Eun must put up with the dictatorial and particular demands of a pampered actor in order to reclaim her home. Matters are complicated when Young Jae enters a contract marriage with Ji Eun after being rejected by the woman he offers his heart to.

Inferior American/English Counterparts: A bit of The Proposal, a splash of Maid in Manhattan, and a dose of Much Ado About Nothing.

Take note that this has nothing to do with the American television series. :P


With friends like these…

The drama starts with the self-centered motives of two people you would hope never to call “friend.” They are funny, but you can’t stand them most of the time. Despite this, there isn’t any true villainy. Not the make-your-blood-boil kind. The characters do things no one should ever do, like scam a friend into destitution, or cling to a guy that same person just rejected, or hide a wedding ring that doesn’t belong to the person hiding it, but they all come around in the end so I didn’t feel like punching anyone. Maybe slapping, once or twice, but that’s all.

Our two main characters are terrific playing off each other, and Rain’s petulant expressions take the cake. Lucky we get to see a lot of them in the series. Song Hye Kyo as Han Ji Eun is also delightful. Unfortunately, I haven’t much to say about the two love-rivals, Min Hyuk and Hye Won. The acting is good, but the characters themselves aren’t all that interesting.

Hilarity Per Episode:

I am busting up every episode. Young Jae is such a jerk, but a really funny one. He has a funny way of expressing his emotions–mostly yelling–and a strong aversion to being sincere. It’s like he’s allergic to doing something nice for the sake of being nice. Even when he means something in earnest, he turns it into a joke or a snide comment. And it’s as hilarious as it is frustrating.

Han Ji Eun’s stupid friends add to the humor, although sometimes their aggravations outweigh the funny.

Tear-Drama: ♥

Young Jae has some back story that is rather sad, but it isn’t developed to its full potential. The music makes a lot of scenes that aren’t really that sad seem really sad. Then the last few episodes kick in and there are more than a few tear-jerky moments. Episode 14 had me weeping. If you’re a sensitive soul, bring your tissues for that one.


Again, not a huge diversity of music, but the two songs that repeat the most are just perfect for this drama. “I Think I” is so manipulative with its emotional heartstrings tugging… *sigh*

Also, it’s a good idea to learn The Three Bears song and dance to impress your in-laws. ;) I did!! And I don’t even have in-laws. :(

Sleep Deprivation: ♥

I enjoy that I’m not stressed out of my mind with each episode, and even when it’s like “No, for real? You are not ending there. Next episode, next episode, next episode…” it’s not too emotionally distressing to pause. Most of the time.

I do remember Episode 9 was not allowed to end where it did and I threw a fit and watched the next episode even though I was exhausted from the State Fair and opening the bakery. Sometimes you just have to watch another one.


Bi Rain is in it. Need I say more? No. I will just post pictures.


The ending was satisfying, but it didn’t blow me away. I’m getting a little frustrated at these dramas depriving me of wedding scenes. Technically, we had a wedding scene… earlier than in the end, but that’s not the point!! Okay, so if there’s not another wedding scene, I want a baby. Show us a baby!!!

YoungJae: The house was dark and empty when you were gone.
JiEun: What?
YoungJae: That is… because there was no one to turn on the lights for me!


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