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Panera Noodle

[On my lunch break at Panera.]
Asian Man: *stands right over me* I need to make a complaint.
Me: *slurping noodles*  o.o
Asian Man: Why are you eating noodle when you are here?
Me: They’re so delicious!
Asian Man: *laughing* You should not be eating noodle here. Iiii should be eating noodle! You’re not Asian, right?
Me: You could tell by the way I’m using these chopsticks, huh?

Best customer experience I’ve had at Panera… probably ever. :P


5 thoughts on “Panera Noodle

  1. If he only knew how much of your life that you spend watching, talking about, thinking about, and dreaming about Korean Dramas, he would never have suggested that you aren’t Asian! Did I say “Korean Dramas”? I’m sorry I meant to say “Korean SOAP OPERAS!” (youhaveangiehookedonthiscrack)
    Oh, and by-the-way….. LUVUBYE! :D

    1. I understood what you were talking about, up until the phrase “soap operas.” Now I have no response, because we clearly are not talking about the same things.

  2. Funny…but now I’m salivating thinking of the salads I used to get at Panera in Vegas. I never got noodles, so never had the Asian man experience you did. But I don’t have a Panera here to even try to have a noodle experience. Sigh.

    1. Well, the funny thing is, Panera doesn’t have noodles. I think that’s why the Asian man was so amused. :P The closest thing we have to noodles is in the chicken noodle soup, but that doesn’t count. I bring my own “Bowl of Noodles” in the spicy kimchi flavour so I only have to buy half a lunch on break and save some money. And they are delicious! I got a coworker hooked and now she wants to pay me to bring her some!

      I’m sorry about your lack of Panera. :( I think Panera is a wonderful place and there should be one on every corner, like Starbucks, except we’re better. :P

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