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Birthday Wishes

I’m turning 22 in October. Now that I have a job, I can treat myself to some things (treat yo. self!)–like new paint and furniture and bedding for my room and $100 worth of food and drinks from the Asian market–but gifts are never as special when they’re gifts to yourself. And I need to start saving for Disneyland!!

People don’t usually ask a soon-to-be-22 year old what she wants for her birthday. Mostly because I just demand gifts. :P I think I’m supposed to be at an age where I accept a lunch date or free Starbucks as a birthday gift. Which I do, and is lovely, and I’m always very happy for those things! But I have other thiiiings I would like this year if it’s at all possible for friends and family to procure for me. Material, fun things I can’t justify adding to my budget.

1. Felicity Gowns and Accessories – Unfortunately, I was a complete pauper when the Felicity things were still in circulation so the doll was all I had, and now that I’m grown and have money I can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on all the things I’d love to keep and collect for my future daughter, who, when she exists, MUST know the wonders of this Colonial American Girl and the pretty things that go with her. A lot of these things are sold on Ebay for exorbitant amounts of money. I would love to have Felicity’s Christmas gown, her undergarments/shift, the pink birthday gown, and riding habit. To name a few. :P

2. Korean Drama Things – I want to own You’re Beautiful and Boys Over Flowers. If it’s a Korean Drama and I’ve seen it, I would like to own the soundtrack. But they are not cheap. I have a pig rabbit charm for my cell phone, but I would not mind having the plush pig rabbit, or the hairclip, or hoodies, or any of the charms from the dramas I’ve seen. Just not the necklaces. They’re too special, and I don’t want to cheapen the love story behind each one by owning a replica “one of a kind” necklace. It would feel wrong.

FTIsland is my favourite band of all time ever. And I’ve never had a favourite band before!

Also–and this is Japanese, not Korean–I have not finished watching Emma: A Victorian Romance because they took it down off YouTube which is very distressing to me and it was a great little anime as far as I could tell, so I must own it to finish watching!!

3. Something from AnthropologieIf everyone I know pitched in a five dollar gift card for Anthropologie, I still wouldn’t be able to afford a dress from there. But it would help. :P

For example, this dress is very pretty.

It’s like a grown-up, sophisticated creamsicle dress!

4. Anything from the Victorian Trading Company – Like the birds nest ring or lark earrings or this poison ring!! They also have furniture I want, but cannot afford, nor fit in my bed chamber, and ever so many gowns and cloaks and such that getting on this site is very dangerous and I should stop.

5. My pixie cut!! I made a decision. I don’t want to wait until I’m 25 to get my hair cut. Now is the optimum time because it can be growing out until I’m 25, and if the stylist botches it for some reason, I don’t want to be hideous around the same time I get desperate for a husband. :P So 22nd birthday shall be when I get a radical new hair cut, and 25 is the year I sign up for an online dating service or have my dad arrange my marriage (like he is seriously offering to do) if nothing happens before then. :)

For the bangs and side wispies, this is my favourite.

And for the back layers and general girly nature, I love this one most.

And here is my entire Pinterest board of pixie cuts I’m looking at for inspiration.


4 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. I took the plunge this year and cut my hair super short. It was kind of strange at first and I went to Claire’s and bought a hair bunch of accessories because I felt like a boy. After a few weeks I got used to it. It was cool to give it a try but now I’m waiting for my hair to grow back :)
    I hope you get some of the things on your list….Happy Birthday!

    1. I have a whole bunch of hair flowers, just in case it makes me feel boyish. I’m afraid I might never walk out of the house without makeup, now. :P I’ve also been pulling my hair back and experimenting by fixing my bangs in different ways to test which style might look best on me. Oh, yes. This pixie cut is probably a one-time thing. There are a lot of “grown-out” pixie cuts I might maintain, but I don’t think I could keep my hair really short.
      Good luck with growing yours out! Hair seems to grow fast until you want it to grow. :P

      Thank you!! :)

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