FF Writers Anonymous

Four times a year, Panera Bread has a gathering of employees called a Bread Bash. Everyone is supposed to come. We eat samples of our new products, give shout outs to those who have gone above and beyond expectations, play games, introduce new hires, and talk about where improvements should be made. It’s a big deal.

At my Panera, our manager likes to start off with a “Stand up, tell your name and how long you’ve been working here, and tell us one thing you like to do when you’re not working.” This last Bread Bash he switched things up. “Tell us one thing that we here at work might not know about you.”

Tough one for me. My life is an open book. All an employee has to do is ask and I’ll divulge more information on the subject than they ever wanted to hear. Everyone knows I’m a Korean drama junkie and wish I lived in the Victorian Era. They know I love to write. They know I love work. They know I love kitties, and rainy days, and comfort food, and crazy socks, and doughnut earrings and I horde all the ten dollar bills in my register because I think Hamilton is too good looking to give away.

So when my turn came to stand up and say something, I blurted the first thing that came to mind.

“My name is Bethany, I’ve worked for Panera almost two years… and I write American Girl fan fiction.”

Best response from the group: “What’s fan fiction?”


2 thoughts on “FF Writers Anonymous

  1. Ha Ha! “What’s fan fiction?” It’s so funny to think that there are people who don’t know that. I guess there’s just so much stuff going on on this planet that it’s inevitable that people will be unaware of whole worlds like FF. :P

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