That’s it. I’m moving to England.

I have very few regrets in life, and I try to keep it that way. But lately I’ve been getting all these strange signs that I live in the wrong place.

I love my job that’s only 10 minutes away. I love that I’ve never seriously worried about hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, or earthquakes here. I love that all my friends are in the same area, and I love the selection of fast food and restaurants. But I need to move to the UK.

England, in particular.

First off, the weather. Yes, I’m very grateful that I do not live in constant humidity, and as expressed, don’t have erratic weather concerns. However, it’s too sunny here. I don’t love sunshine. All right, I don’t love sunshine in large doses over 75 degrees. I love our falls and winters when you have to bundle up in lots of layers and wear scarves and hats and gloves. I love the rain. I could live with lots of rain and wind. English weather (at least while we were there) was perfection. Even in the moors, where it was freezing. I loved it.

Also–and this is a big blow–CN Blue just had their first European tour where they performed live in London on the 22nd. This is almost as bad as when The Scarlet Pimpernel musical came to London ON MY BIRTHDAY one year and I was not there to see it. For those of you not aware (meaning everyone other than Lauren and my family) CN Blue is a Korean band whose lead singer has performed in several big dramas. (You’re Beautiful, chiefly.) Evidently I need to live closer to London so I can take day trips there for performances when I’m not busy helping my British husband on his sheep farm. Because, seriously. I thought I was virtually alone in my Korean band obsession, but that concert was sold. out. And the screaming fans from the videos I saw confirmed that I am really, really not alone. :D I’m over-the-moon happy for CNBlue, but for myself… *weeps* WHY WAS I NOT THERE!?!?

And THEN…. AND THEN… I found out that my faaaavourite ever ice cream flavour (Haagen-Daz Midnight Cookies and Cream) which was discontinued here in the States as a limited edition is sold in the UK as a regular flavour!! Although it’s called Chocolate Midnight Cookies there. Somehow that sounds even more delicious.

All the most wonderful things are in England. Except for me. :P

I will end my mournful post with two words.

Dan Stevens.

(I totally saw the two newest episodes of Downton Abbey. :D *boast* *boast* *boast*)


5 thoughts on “That’s it. I’m moving to England.

  1. You should totally move to England, so that I can come visit and stay with you.
    Alternatively, speaking of loving rain and colder weather, you could always move to the Washington coast. We have rain and cold weather most of the time. :D

    1. That sounds lovely!! I love sunshine when it’s rare. Like.. .you have days and days of rain, and suddenly a day of cool-weather sunshine and it’s miraculous and special and rare. :P
      By the way, I’m using your fashion posts as inspiration because lately I’ve been spending too much money just because I can, and I need to get back to bargain hunting. :)

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