My Birthday. It’s a big deal.

[Begins October 17th]

*sing-songy voice* I own Boys Over Flowers! I own Boys Over Flowers!!! :D HEHEHEHEHHE!!

Already, Mummy and Ej have bought me the most amazing thing. The entirety of Boys Over Flowers. I could have died happy right there. Well, then Mummy gave me a beautiful ring with a jeweled flower in the centre, and she’s bought me coffees and breakfasts every morning, and my room is quickly filling with all the birthday pictures my littlest siblings keep drawing. Nessie did a special Tangled edition, and it’s very cute, but I wonder why Flynn is clean shaven? She must know my preferences without me telling. =)

Today, I got my eyebrows waxed for the first time! It was actually very relaxing!

Yesterday, I began birthday video browsing by watching tons of adorable Korean commercials, and nearly crying over gorgeous Kdrama soundtrack pieces.

But you really have to know Boys Over Flowers to understand why those thirty seconds make me die from giggle overload. :D

Okay, you have to do this… if you like pretty songs, and romance, and the rain, and pretty songs about romance in the rain, please do this to fulfill my birthday wish for you! And don’t be scared that it’s in Korean, because I provided you with the English translation, okay!? :D Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay? Okay!

1. Pull this link up and pause it: Rainy Mood
2. Do the same here: Love Rain is Falling
3. Start them so they play together–Rainy Mood should start slightly before, I think.
4. Enjoy the most beautiful three and a half minutes you will spend tonight. :)

And now, here is a pictorial run-down of the rest of my birthday doings.

Delicious Bowl Noodle–spicy kimchi and spicy beef are the best flavours. I buy the twelve packs. In church, I had a passing thought of how good looking my brothers are–from the back. =P I went swing dancing! My old (meaning was my manager and is not) and dear manager, Matt came and danced a couple dances with me, and the friends who took me there were fantastic company for a floundering first-timer. :) I danced with a really cute Asian guy to Footloose, too. That’s a memory for keeps! xD Spent time with my other sister, Mosie. I bet you didn’t know I have blonde sisters, too. I had IHOP for my birthday breakfast. Oh, and something else happened… Hm. What is it? I seem to be in a salon chair, but for what purpose?

Yes, I’m doing this to you on purpose, even though you could be a cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater and scroll right to the bottom. But for you girl scouts out there… I GOT MY PIXIE CUT!!!

Tada!! Oh, does that second picture not show enough? =P I’m still trying to mess with you and build suspense.

My mummy bought me that clock. ^_^

Getting the best. gift. ever!!

Totally not trying to rub it in. :)

Go Mi Nam hair clippie and piggy bunny!! Or pig rabbit. Piggy rabbit. Pig bunny. I’ve heard it both ways.

I’m so very thankful for everyone who made my 22nd birthday such a big deal! My best friend for taking me to the salon for a haircut that could have got me disowned (which was probably her plan so we could initiate never-ending sleep over!); Dad who did not disown me, but took me to lunch and the Korean market; Ej, for the pig bunny and pitching in and giving ideas for everything else, Phil for the hair clippie, Mummy for being absolutely the best mum ever, and Lydia, my pretty dongsaeng, and all the little ones for the DVDs (I now own Tangled! and The Swiss Family Robinson on DVD!), and all the amazing pictures and birthday cards, and…

Thank you.

This birthday was awesome!! WOOOOOO!!!!


10 thoughts on “My Birthday. It’s a big deal.

  1. Happy Birthday! :D I don’t want to sound like a creep, but you don’t look 22. Well, I don’t look (or feel) nearly 21 either, so I shouldn’t talk… ;)

    1. Haha. No, everyone says that. My haircut was partially in an attempt to make me look older, but I think it only went so far… I think I look older than 15 now, at least! :P

  2. Happy late birthday! Ah, you look GORGEOUS with a pixie cut! I’m so glad you had such a fun birthday; I’m jealous that you got to go swing dancing. I miss swing dancing. And even though I’ve never seen Boys over Flowers, that video made me giggle too.

    1. Thank you!! :D It’s so easy to deal with in the morning, now! I just brush it, choose a hair clip or headband, and done! I love it. :D
      It was the first time I’d ever gone swing dancing! (Or any dancing.) It was sooo much fun!

  3. “…don’t be scared that it’s in Korean…”? Riiiight! I liked the porch swing at 2:46 :) Happy Beautiful Birthday to you again and I can’t wait to see your new hair cut live. God bless you and your family Miss Bethie! :) :) :)

  4. Great haircut and pretty barrette. It’s always tough to go short, when one’s had long hair for awhile. Very cute cut. Much better than the complete shave-off that I had gotten 3 years ago.

    1. Oh, wow! Yeah, I can’t imagine going shave-short! My hair is now long again, and I got it dyed professionally for the first time. :) I love it, but it’s still not nearly as extreme as when I went with my pixie! :D

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