Stars Falling From the Sky – Korean Drama Review

This is really late. I finished this drama some time ago, but… well, you don’t want to hear about work troubles. Just read on for the review! One for Secret Garden should be soon to follow!

Hangul: 별을 따다 줘
English: Stars Falling From the Sky or Wish Upon a Star or Pick the Stars
Romanized: Byeoreul Ttada Jwo

Just a little personal note: I think Pick the Stars makes the most sense as a title. I’ve seen Stars Falling…, used the most, but I think it makes the least sense. :P Although none of them make any sense until the last few episodes, so confusion abounds.

Synopsis: Jin Pal Gang lives a selfish, careless life, spending all her money (and her friend’s) on new clothes and hairstyles as she shamelessly chases the cold-hearted lawyer at her insurance company. She’s forced to change her whole lifestyle when given the sudden responsibility of feeding and caring for her five younger siblings.

My Rating: PG-13 for language, “hostess”ing, and naked children.

English Comparison: Sense and Sensibility and a bit of Anastasia

That may seem like a far stretch, but think about it. Pal Kang’s empty-headed romanticized fantasy dream-land is very Marianne Dashwood, and the grandfather’s quest to find the missing bloodline is rather like Anastasia. (The Don Bluth animation, not the real life story.)


At first, Pal Gang seems beyond hope. She’s so ridiculous that I didn’t think I’d make it past the second episode. But the drama is really about her changing and growing as a person, and getting past her obnoxious behavior is so worth what follows. Her siblings (each named after the colors of the rainbow) are cute as can be, and I love how they all pick sides regarding which of the guys she should marry. ^_^

Speaking of the guys, their personalities are reminiscent of the You’re Beautiful boys.

Kang Ha is the severe and serious Tae Kyung of the lot. He’s particular about everything; from his food, to his clothes, and even what times his sheets can be cleaned. As a lawyer, he doesn’t let emotions interfere with his job.

His younger brother, Joon Ha is like Shin Woo in his quieter, warmhearted nature. He’s helpful, supportive, and caring; everything his older brother seems not to be. He also coos at babies and is impossibly tall and handsome, so I pick him as my “Stars” husband, thanks very much!

Tae Gyu is Kang Ha’s and Joon Ha’s crazy nephew. In fact, that’s what they call him–Crazy. He has a drinking problem, throws messy parties at his uncle’s house, and is a lot like Pal Gang to begin with. He’s like Jeremy, but off the charts insane.

As for the snooty Jung family, when they’re not giving me the creeps, they’re boring me to tears. I’ll be interested in watching it a second time and seeing how much more I enjoy it with the powers of the speed button.

Hilarity Per Episode:

Little kids are funny. Five kids in one house are hilarious. Hiding five kids in the same house, right under the nose of the most particular man in Korea… words escape me for that situation. It’s something you have to see. Also, Tae Gyu had me laughing to tears on several occasions. Something is wrong with that boy. :P

Tear Drama:

Hungry little ones are sad. Five orphaned, starving little ones are pathetic. Five orphaned, starving little ones who burn themselves, tie their feet together, suffer cuts, and freeze out in the cold rather than let their siblings get kicked out of the house which holds their last hopes of survival are heart breaking.


I barely remember the music for this. Just the opening theme, which is a lot of fun, but doesn’t fit the majority of the episodes. You can’t go from a tearful, sickly baby in imminent peril to this song without having a bit of a shock.

Sleep Deprivation:

The episodes were engaging, and the plot moved pretty quickly, but the Jang family killed a lot of interest for me. Anytime Jae…Wuts Her Face was part of the plot, I stopped caring.

Eye Candy:

The lawyer guy really has to grow on you. He’s so ugly at first, as is Pal Gang’s personality. Over time they both change though, and then they’re both lovely. :) Joon Ha is always good eye-candy, however. And he’s so. tall. Jae’s Dad, on the other hand, he’s so ugly I cringe whenever he hogs a scene. Can’t stand it.


It went through the usual girl-makes-silly-excuses that kept them apart routine. But they weren’t apart apart, and it ended with almost as much happiness as I could hope for, and it wasn’t a short ending! I’ve heard several complaints about the gappy, rushed up ending, but I say fiddlesticks! It was happy and yes, cheesy, and dramatic, and cutesy, and that’s all I care about. ^-^

Overall, it surprisingly became one of my favourites, and I plan on watching it again and again!


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