Capturing December: Days 1-8

Days 1-8

Probably have to click for full effect.

1. My view in the car, after working 5am-1:30pm and finally getting to sit back. I was seriously going to take a picture of my beautiful pastry display at Panera, but I completely forgot! My apologies! Being awake at 3:30 in the morning tends to mess with your mental capacity.

2. I can’t choose one favourite Christmas movie, but if I was forced to, I’d say A Muppets Christmas Carol. Then, The Holiday, and Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast, and The Young Victoria are those warm and lovely films that remind me of Christmas in their own special way.

3. Red. ; )

4. My brother turned 11, and we had red velvet cakes (per his request) and candles on both.

5. My fuzzy peppermint socks and Piggy-Bunny are helping me get cosy.

6. Don’t tell anyone this was taken in November… o.O

7. “In Him was Light…”

8. Our library has the cutest little scraggly Christmas tree with a single ornament! I thought it was adorable. : D


4 thoughts on “Capturing December: Days 1-8

  1. Red! My favorite color and a favorite read for me. I re-red (yes I did that on purpose) it last week after you told me that you were working on a longer version of it, and loved it all over again. I must say that my review of it was, and still is, spot on! Red velvet cake is the best…. lots of red in here. And for some reason, that I can’t quite put a finger on, I really like the “ornament” shot. The redness of the ornament probably has something to do with it. ICANTWAITUNTILFRIDAY!
    I just noticed that your font is in red too. :) HAPPEH CHRISTMAS LUV!

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