Love Rain – Korean Drama Review

 Love Rain

One… Two… Three…In just three seconds I fell in love.

Characters: /

I give two separate ratings for characters, because we have the 70’s group and the present day group. The 70’s group irritated me a lot. In Ha was too cowardly to make a move for the girl. The girl was too much of a wallflower to speak up and say she liked him. The only one brave enough and smart enough about relationships was, ironically, the goofy guy who didn’t end up with anyone! Not even a wife he didn’t love! The main characters were adorable when they shyly ran into each other and made awkward advances. They were very cute, and I liked them together until they made excuses involving everyone around them and stopped trying to be together. I was really rooting for In Ha at the begining, too. How could you not? He’s so very endearing and awkward, and you want him to be with her, but he has plenty of opportunity to speak up, and he doesn’t until it’s pretty much too late. Huff.

And he only got worse as he aged.

I don’t understand why everyone in this drama (is it a Korean thing?) seemed to imagine it was selfless to marry someone you don’t love to spare the feelings of someone else, and then live through a half-hearted marriage with your spouse. That’s not being thoughtful of others. That’s just excusing your own cowardice, and for that I can understand Hye Jung’s bitterness. She wasn’t right in all she did… but not all wrong, either.

The present-day characters, however, were superb. The youngsters, I mean. (Played by the same Jang Guen Suk and Yoona as the couple in the 70’s.) Yoona as Ha Na is so bubbly, and lively, and as someone later says, a warm person. Very likeable, and fun to watch.

Seo Joon starts out a little rough around the edges, but it’s not long before I was totally head-over-heels for his character. (And so was Ha Na.) Fantastic chemistry between the two! The best I’ve seen, actually! Possibly second to the Creating Destiny couple. ^.^

I love, too, how the doctor friend felt like a representation of the audience. He saw everything that was going on, and felt for his friends, but was like, “What am I supposed to do? What are they supposed to do!?” And he was ten thousand times more likable than his Dong Wook character. In fact, I’d pick him any day. No question. Okay, if Seo Joon was in the picture, a little question. : P


The laughs mostly happened between Episodes 5-10, which were my favourites by far, between Seo Joon and Ha Na; when they first meet, as they’re bantering, starting to fall for each other, and shyly coming to terms with it all. Through those episodes, I laughed and giggled a lot. I kind of wish it was just about them, and none of the depressing first love business got in the way. But I suppose that’s why it’s a 20+ hour drama, and not a five hour Korean romcom. (Do those exist? If not, they definitely should.)

Tear Drama:

It’s the little things that get me in this one. Or rather, the big things that materialize in the little scenes. A painting revealed, a passing glance, a phrase with hidden meaning. The music just makes it all worse. The main theme starts and I cry. I cried a lot. Especially through episodes 12-17. Yes, that’s a big stretch of crying.

Sleep Deprivation:

I watched chunks and chunks together because I had to get through it. This thing just… it messes with your feelings, man. Like… TOO MUCH FEEL!! A lot. After a while, it gets a bit too depressing with the continual: They’ll be together… they won’t… they will… they won’t… going on. Be prepared for a lot of that through the end.

Eye Candy:

Actors aside, let’s talk colour. This drama was gorgeous. The lighting and colours used for every scene were so superb that I forgot to judge the actors’ hotness for once! I don’t know much about cinematography, but whoever was in charge of it on this production, give them a raise! And give them more dramas to make beautiful! Every scene was a visual treat. The 70’s bits had a pretty, soft, yellow aura, and though the modern scenes more crisp, they still had a lovely, vibrancy.

Now we can talk faces.

YoonHee/HaNa played by Yoona was very pretty! I can actually see why all the guys were in love with her. I didn’t care much for her 70’s character, but that had more to do with her minimal lines and wallflower attitude.

And Jang Guen Suk… he just has that something about him that’s lovable. Even when he’s playing the jerk. Which he does superbly.



I can’t figure out why I’m not jumping up and down over the ending. I finally got a wedding! I mean, an actual proposal and a wedding dress, anyway. I think after so much back and forth of sadness, I was ready for a good stretch of only happy times, with smooches, and walks in the park, and babies, and I was simply underwhelmed. I really have no serious complaints! It just didn’t wow me. I felt like after all the tears they wrung from me in the later episodes, they should have made up for it in disgustingly happy fluff. They didn’t. That’s all! I mean, it’s a solid, happy ending! I just wanted more.


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