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Capturing December 14th-17th

Mister Squeesh Tree

14. Christmas Tree
I’ve already taken a few pictures of Christmas trees–none of which belong to me, as I do not have one–but here’s another shot of mine best friend’s tree, and the little sleepy black bundle of cosiness called Meester Squeesh. Or Bailey Purrkins, or Boo Boo Squishums. He has many names.

Favourite Holiday Songs

15. Favourite Holiday Song(s)
You know I can’t pin down one favourite, especially when it comes to music. So I made a mix! Among the bests are:
The Goodbye/Kindle My Heart – A Little Princess Soundtrack
Scrooge – A Muppet’s Christmas Carol
Shiny Love – Love Rain OST
Now And For Always – Lord of the Rings Musical
As you can see, they’re not the most traditional Christmas songs. But they make me warm and happy, and remind me of Christmasy things.

Outside Christmas Lights2

16. Outside Christmas Lights
We don’t have Christmas lights, either, so I got this picture as mum sped to church last night. : P I like how it turned out!

Presents Complete

17. Presents
I’m wearing the purple polka-dot heart bobby pins that came as a bonus present with the gorgeous red dress my bestest friend bought me! And I’m holding a booklet entitled “Beth The Magical Land.” My sister, the authoress is featured in the picture on the right.


3 thoughts on “Capturing December 14th-17th

  1. Now and for Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalways! asdfghjkl :D I love that song! Eee! Whenever I hear it, I will sing along. Loudly. And doing all of the voices. Of course. Actually I love the entire musical soundtrack. Especially that one, “The Cat and the Moon” and “Wonder”. :D
    Okay, I will stop gushing all over your comments! ;)

    1. My siblings just put ROTK on, and I was bawling my face off, trying to do dishes while Frodo told Sam he couldn’t recall the taste of strawberries! I lose it at that part. Every. Time.

      I LOVE THAT SONG, TOO!! *sniffles* It’s my favourite of the musical songs. That one, and “The Road Goes On.” It makes my heart warm. :D

      I have no problem with gushing!! Carry on!!

      1. I lose it at the Grey Havens. Book and movie. When Sam starts crying, I join in. ;)
        Ooh, yes, I love that one too! :)
        Shall we just say… I leave you very enthusiastic comments…? :P

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