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Once Upon a Fandom

I did this back in October and am just now posting it. Big time fail.

The first part of this blog entry is titled: Things I Should Be Doing Instead of Making This Post
…and they include, but are not limited to…
Cleaning my room.
Finishing my Secret Garden Kdrama review.
Watching one of several episodes of several Kdramas I started at once.
Writing in one of several stories I have going at once.
Editing my best friend’s paper.
Replying to a Facebook message from Le Tim.
Watching Tangled. Because I feel like it! Also, because the internet was down last night and in desperation I watched the really creepy, cheesy, and hilarious animated Grimm’s Fairy Tale Classics version of Rapunzel, and now I need a brain cleanse. :P

But I’m doing none of those semi-productive things and filling out this fandom quiz, instead! Woo!

List 12 Characters From Your Favourite Fandom(s), In No Particular Order:

1. Benjamin Davidson (Felicity: An American Girl)

2. Felicity Merriman (See Above)

3. Cleo (H2O: Just Add Water) – I almost wrote that as “woodah” since that’s how they pronounce it in Australia-land. :P

4. Rikki (H2O)

5. Emma (H2O)

6. Erik, the Phantom (Phantom of the Opera)

7. Christine Daae (Phantom of the Opera)

8. Raoul de Chagney (Phantom of the Opera)

9. Mr. Collins (Pride and Prejudice)

10. Carlisle Cullen (Twilight)

11. Mr. Knightley (Emma)

12. Maddie Ross (True Grit)

1. Have you ever read a 6/11 fic? Do you want to?

I can’t… in any universe see Erik and Mr. Knightley in the same story. So no.

2. Do you think 4 is hot? How hot?

Hehehe! Rikki is so hot. Especially when she’s “dencing! with Nayte!” “Nayte’s HOT!”

3. What would happen if Twelve got Eight pregnant?

HAHAHAH!! It is biologically impossible for Maddie (a girl) to get Raoul (a victome/man-person) pregnant. However… if it was the other way around… I think LaBoeuf would keel him in a duel. Or just keel him.

4. Can you recall any fics about 9?

Mr. Collins? Yes, I wrote it. Collins/Lydia. :P I’ve been asked to write more, because it made more sense than it had a right to.

5. Would 2 and 6 make a good couple?

HAHAHA!!! I’d say yes, just because I have a strange obsession with huge age gap stories… but I think Erik and Felicity would fight too much to make a good couple. She’d never be willing to try like Christine. Well, maybe! Maybe I should give her more credit! Maybe someone needs to write that crossover so I can make a final judgement!

6. 5/9 or 5/10? Why?

Emma and Collins or Emma and Carlisle? Wow. Just… wow. I suppose to be kind to Emma, I’d have to say Carlisle. 5/10. Although one of their worlds would have to go VERY A/U to make that work. Wait. A vampire doctor and an Australian mermaid? Maybe not so A/U! Hah!

7. What would happen if 7 were to walk in on 2 and 12 making out?

Christine… I… no. Not even going there.

8. Make up a summary for a 3/10 fic.

Cleo is pregnant, and terrified of the effects her transformation could have on the baby. Her husband, Lewis, can’t persuade her to see a doctor, as she fears they wish her more harm than good. That is, until word reaches them of a Doctor Cullen who specializes in the supernatural. (Shoot, this could be an actual fic!!)

9. Is there any such thing as a 1/8 fluff?

There are many fluffs of each of them separately. In fact, Ben/Lissie and Raoul/Christine are the two most frequently read fluffs in my FF history. :)

10. Suggest a title for a 7/12 hurt/comfort fic.

Lark and Sparrow
In which Christine Daae and Maddie Ross flee abusive households; Christine from a wealthy father with unrealistic demands of her musical gifts, and Maddie from a drunkard of an uncle. They cross paths at a saloon where Christine earns a living singing for the gents, and Maddie becomes a regular, beating all the customers at cards. And of course, Erik and LaBeouf would show up at some point, rescue them, and marry them, because a story isn’t a story without romance and weddings. :D

11. If you wrote a song-fic about 8, what song would you choose?

For Raoul… All I Ask of You is the obvious answer. R/C fluff!

12. If you wrote a 1/6/12 fic, what would your warning be?

Caution: I was on drugs when I wrote this. That’s the only possible explanation for me writing a Ben/Erik/Maddie fic. I could see Benjamin and Maddie becoming friends in some kind of… strange… mix-up, but Erik doesn’t make sense in that scenario. Sorry, Erik.

13. When was the last time you read a fic about 5?

I don’t know that there are any! Most of the fics I find with enough Cleo/Lewis to keep me interested choose to boot Emma and put that stupid new girl, Bella in. I don’t like that. I like Emma!!!

14. Would 1 look if 2 got lost?

*sniffles* Yes!!! Ben would not just look for her, but he would find her and hold her and marry her, because he is a wonderful apprentice lad who cares for his Lissie!!!

15. What would 3 say if 4 killed 9?

“Rikkeh! I towld youh noht to look at the mune!”

16. 12 goes to break up 10 and 8’s wedding. What is their dialogue/ trialogue?

Maddie: What in the name of all that is holy are you two thinkin’?
Raoul: Christine send me a note instructing to meet her here but when I arrived the chapel was empty, save for this strange man.
Carlisle: I have one from Esme, stating the same.
Maddie: Well, you both have been bamboozled by a man in a dark coat and expensive leathers. I brought two fast horses and powder for your pistols. Now go get yer ladies!

17. Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Because she has the power to spurn him, crush his soul, and make him die of a broken heart. Which, in the book, she actually does. So he has good reason!


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