World Away From Word

Capturing December 21st-25th

21. Peace


The girls are playing the Tangled video game.

22. Tradition


Once a year; usually around summer or Christmas break. I think we’ve been slacking, though, because a lot of my little siblings don’t remember seeing it before. This must be remedied.

23. Scarf


My elusive circle scarves that took forever to come in the mail!

24. Favourite Part of Christmas Eve

Fav Eve1

Watching Fellowship of the Ring. : D

25. Morning


I actually wasn’t awake until it was nearly noon. But this was prior to opening gifts and playing white elephant. 2pm is morning…ish? Right? : P


2 thoughts on “Capturing December 21st-25th

  1. Ah, your family is adorable. And we have the tradition of watching LOTR, too! Well, my dad and brother and I did, anyway. This year got a little messed up, seeing as how I got married and all.
    Happy late Christmas, lovely! I hope you had a fantastic one!

  2. Aaaggghhh!!!! I hope we didn’t interfere with you all watching The Return of the King! We’ll get it back as soon as possible. Sooner if you call and let us know that you need it sooner.

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