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My Type

I should be writing.

Isn’t that how all of these posts begin? I think I only blog when I’m supposed to be writing and I find some way to stall. =P For this picture heavy post, you can thank my friend and coworker who prompted the following conversation at work, after I bounced around the cafe, singing about the Fex-Ex delivery man who brings me lots of presents…

Little Dorrit: Hey, Bethany, what’s your type?
Me: *taken off guard* Type? I don’t have a type.
Little Dorrit: Sure you do. Everyone has a type!
Me: *in really stupid accent* I like all the boys equally.
Little Dorrit: *trying not to choke on her drink*
Me: Uuuumm… my type is Mr. Darcy!
Little Dorrit: *still unable to control laughter*

So you can see how unhelpful I can be. My main problem is over thinking it, though. My mind goes crazy trying to reconcile all the different qualities I find attractive in a man that I forget having a “type” generally just means the outward appearances are appealing.

Thus, I’ve decided to give you a post filled with a bunch of mega-super-ultra-attractive men!!! Also known as, my type. Although I can’t see how any woman would not find these men attractive.

Craig Horner

Hugh jackman1











Guy 1





Even beautiful as a dwarf.Alex Oloughlin 1

Alex Oloughlin 2

Alex O'Laughlin


Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooou’re welcome!!

Heh. You know what’s funny? If anyone were to ask, I’d say I don’t like beards at all, and a clean cut man is the most attractive. Yet the majority of these photos have the guys sporting a five ‘o clock shadow. I guess scruff is good. But not full on beardedness. Also, none of these men are American. I’m pretty sure they all have British or Australian backgrounds. :D



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