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Friday Night YouTube

It’s been a long time since I busted one of these out! But I’ve been finding a lot of cool stupid random ridiculous stuff on YouTube lately, and figured… since I haven’t been keeping you updated on work issues and writing, I should at least show you what I do in my lazy time.

So that Kpop thing… still a thing. :) More of a thing than before, even.

Cooking? Cooking!Super Junior

I. love this song. There’s something about the dance with the hand motions and the catchy lyrics. And it’s like, the cutest thing. :P My sister and I tried to learn the dance, but it’s more complicated than it looks! So we just… run around doing the hand things, singing, “jfsoafnsfd… GUNGOYO!! osifjaodfadf… MADAJOH!”

Yoo HooSecret

This song is everything that made me fall in love with Korean music. Girly, energetic, a little bit childish, overdose of cute, lots of drawing hearts in the air… if I ever learn a whole dance routine, it’s going to be for a Korean girl’s group song. Then I’ll sing it at work. I’ve already made several employee’s nights by dancing and singing to The Three Bears!

I guess I should show you that, too…

The Three Bears Song – As sung/danced by Song Hye Kyo in the Korean drama: Full House

What Was It That Made Me Meet Someone Like YouBai An

This isn’t even Korean, but Mandarin. It’s just so… engrossing! The language is so different from any other sound I’ve ever heard; different from Japanese, Korean, and certainly all the Latin based languages. The lovely An has such a gorgeous voice, and I can’t stop listening to it!

Not Right Now, Derrick

This is one of those videos that requires a special brand of humour. The Napoleon Dynamite brand. Where it may not be funny the first time you watch it (or at all) but then your brothers start quoting it at very inappropriate intervals, and it makes it hilarious. Then you take it to your job and it’s even funnier!
Employee: Hey, Bethany, can you…

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

I love Jane Austen. I love spin offs of Jane Austen’s stories. And apparently, I love finding things that are impossible to tear myself away from. There are so many quotable one-liners from this adaptation! It is hysterical, awkward, charming… everything Pride and Prejudice is, except put into a modern setting and told exclusively from Elizabeth Bennet’s point of view. I’m in love. It’s also super creative how they made Tumblr and Pinterest and Twitter accounts for all their characters and updated them as the vlog was progressing. It was so interactive and… just… you have to watch them. :)

And I know if I start to watch these again, I will never go to bed. So I’d better head off to finish my writing… TELL ME NOT TO CLICK THE LINK!!! TELL ME….!!!


4 thoughts on “Friday Night YouTube

  1. OH YEAH Lizzie Bennet Diaries! I lovvvve it! :D (But you knew that already.) I like the new Jane Austen Sanditon series too, even though I have no idea where it is going or what the plot is supposed to be, or anything like that. Also, I swear LBD ep.98 is a natural anti-depressant and I’m not the romantic one around here! Just so good! :D :D

    1. I don’t think I’ve seen any of the Sanditon series! Should I start them? I’m afraid to get obsessed with a new thing right now. I have so much going on! :P

      EEEEEEEEEEPP!! YES!!! OSifdaosidfja;dofiasdf!!! I love it. :D HEHEHE!

      1. Well, I think you should first watch Gigi’s Domino videos that she made while Lizzie was at Pemberley… if you haven’t already. After that, the Sanditon stuff should make sense. There’s only four episodes and no plot at all so far, so I don’t think there’s much of an obsession risk! :P And… you know, it’s nice to watch Gigi talk to Darcy. :D

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