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30 Days of Writing: 21-25

30 Days of Writing

Challenge #21: Do any of your characters have children? How well do you write them?

I write lots of babies. WRITE ALL THE BEHBHES!!! : P In one story, I had the princess, the servant, and even the elephant pregnant with a total of four babies by the end of the story. (The servant had twins!) It’s easy to write teeny babies. It’s a bit trickier writing toddlers and other varied ages through childhood because each child develops differently. And then you have to take into account what time period you’re writing and what was expected of younglings in past eras. But you do have a lot of free reign with children. Precisely because they’re unpredictable and can get away with saying things other characters cannot. : )

I am fond of writing children’s perspectives, and I think I’m fairly good at it. I wrote one Lissie and Ben story that starts with little Lissie at six years old which was so much fun, and I’ve started another where she’s quite little and Ben is only twelve. : ) Little people are delightful.

Challenge #22: Tell us about one scene between your characters that you’ve never written or told anyone about before! Serious or not.

Uh…… Do any such scenes exist? I mean, I send everything to my best friend to edit, or my sister to enjoy, or various writing friends to critique, so I’m not sure of anything that I haven’t shared with anyone. Hm.

OH!! I did start to write a sequel one-shot to The Baffling Case of Miss Emma Browne. It was going to deal more with the consequences of living with advanced knowledge in a past era, and the moral obligations to either act or not act upon said knowledge. But it started to go in a really sad direction, and involved too many patient deaths, and character death, and it was not what Emma Browne was meant to be, which is happy. : ) So I never wrote it all out.

Challenge #23: How long does it usually take you to complete an entire story—from planning to writing to posting (if you post your work)?

……Decades. Okay, that’s not always true. I have dozens upon dozens of stories that I started years ago, (as far back as 2005) some even began posting and never finished. But if I get involved in a story that interests my best friend and Beta, she’s amazing at choosing the perfect punishments and incentives for getting me going when I don’t feel like writing. So I just have to make sure she is excited about it, and then I’ll have the motivation to finish.

Challenge #24: How willing are you to kill your characters if the plot so demands it? What’s the most interesting way you’ve killed someone?

Excuse me? The plot does not demand death. The plot never does. The characters choose. Always. Okay, there’s maybe one story where the plot drives the characters, but I refuse to kill off main characters. I do kill friends off, though… wait. No I don’t. I kill villains! People I hate! That’s it!

Most interesting way… well, a nobleman killed of a sorceress by disintegration. He was magical. And I just had an evil mermaid go psycho and kill herself in a storm by capsizing her boat and drowning. That was satisfying! She was an attempted man-thief. YOU DO NOT GET IN THE WAY OF LOVE!! Or you die! Oh, but neither of those were my characters. : P They were both in fanworks. So… I don’t think I’ve killed any of my villains.

Challenge #25: What books do you read to inspire your writing? Do you avoid similar books to what you’re working on so as not to be “influenced” by them?

I do the opposite of avoid similar books. There is no such thing as a truly original story. It’s all about how it’s written to make it feel fresh and new. So I never shy away from reading things of the same vein as my current writing projects. And of course, I believe in fan fiction, so sometimes reading/watching the source is the only way to write it well.

Featured Snippet

“There is someone who is waiting for me with all her heart. But I have no way of returning. Whether it takes one year or ten, if there were a way to go to her, I would. But there is no way to get back.”

Kim Boong Do
Queen In Hyun’s Man

Featured Image

Gorgeous love

I don’t like to make profile pictures that aren’t of me, but somehow this has managed to stay on my Facebook for the past month or so. It’s just. so. cute. And yes, it’s from the drama Queen In Hyun’s Man. Which I own. Because it’s that good. ^_^ Even if it makes me cry buckets through the entire two last episodes.


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Writing: 21-25

  1. Yay, a new post! :) I’m overly interested in everyone’s blog posts and writing at the moment to fight off my own writer’s block. :P
    #21 – All the behbehs! Hehe, this bit made me laugh because I’ve never written any babies, or children for that matter, into my stories. I do not like them; I do not want them in my world! Mwahaha! ;)
    #23 – A lifetime! This is why I need NaNoWriMo to kick me into gear. And now I also have a lecturer’s wrath hanging over me if I do not have anything finished by my next class. Undiluted terror helps! :P
    #24 – I KILL ALL OF THEM! Not really, but I kill for tears and feels and so that I can mentally torture those who remain behind. There’s always death or mental (usually not physical) torture of some sort because I am a horrible person. Only last night I was filling out character charts while texting my bestie to tell her about my characters. She asked if I was having fun with them and I answered without thinking that I was having fun thinking up all the ways in which I can torture them. ;)
    #25 – Neil Gaiman. An almost surefire way of getting me to write again. Beyond finding inspiration, I find it hilarious that when I reread my writing after a long time I can see clearly what I was reading while writing. I can tell when I was reading Age of Iron, Mockingjay, Mistborn, etc. when I look at my last two NaNo-novels! :)

  2. Hello!! I feel dreadful for not responding in ages and ages!! I really love your comments, I’m just horrible with replies!!

    Awww. I love the behbehs! It’s probably easier to incorporate them in your story when you have/want adorable children in your life to shnoogle and bounce and coo at. :) My friends are having babies and I just love them.

    Yes!! A lifetime! I’m supposed to be starting a new (darker) mermaid story, but I haven’t got very far. I need that boost of inspiration. Maybe I should stall… I mean research with some mermaid movies/shows. :P

    Haha! Well, torture is good! It keeps the character interesting! I’m writing (among other things) a very sad story in which my main character is a neglected and abused little girl, and it’s just SO SAD that I can’t stand it sometimes, but it makes everything the boy does for her that much sweeter. And I can’t wait to write to the end where he saves her! Because yeah, I don’t do sad endings. :)

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