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I Decided I Like These Songs

I Don’t Have Time To Be In Love – Priscilla Ahn

Why I didn’t want to like it: I do have time… I will make time to be in love.

Why I caved: It’s adorable. And now I want to make time for a nice man with a windowsill. It’s the little things.


Lightweight – Demi Lovato

Why I didn’t want to like it: I’m still not sure how I feel about Miss Lovato. A lot of her songs surprise me. I used to make fun of her voice for being so… what it is… but I kind of like it for that reason, now.

Why I caved:really like the lyrics. And the melody.


Love Never Dies – Love Never Dies Soundtrack

Why I didn’t want to like it: I hate everything this musical “sequel” is and stands for.

Why I caved: Despite the horrendous storyline and destruction of characters this song hailed from, it’s a beautiful song, and I can’t argue with it.


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One thought on “I Decided I Like These Songs

  1. I took one look at a review of “Love Never Dies” when it came out and decided I wanted nothing more to do with this thing. I refuse to accept it as part of “Phantom” and I would never watch it, never. So you’re not alone. ;) I like this song though!

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