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A Fine Week, Indeed

This is a long life update, so unless you find the details of my ordinary existence extraordinarily compelling, you might wish to skim most of this and wait for a photo or writing challenge to appear.


I have worked at Panera less this week than I have in months. Years, even, if you discount my paid vacation. And yet, I feel more accomplished and fulfilled than I have in quite some time.

I’m really discouraged about work lately. We used to be one big, often dysfunctional family who could always count on each other to sympathise and laugh along, even if we squabbled now and then. But with all the turnovers and transfers and people moving on, I feel surrounded by strangers. We’re all kind to each other, and respectful (for the most part) but it’s not the same. A few of us are old-timers and can share the inside jokes about previous employees and we have each other’s backs. But the management team has almost entirely dissolved into a collection of individuals who each have their own agenda, while the new associates are left to their own devices after a day or two of training. And I’ve been stuck on the production side, so I have not been able to take a big role in associate training, which is where I want to be of use.

I stepped down from management. The stress and expectations from upper management was no longer worth my while. My trip for Scotland, England, and the 8 day transatlantic cruise is paid off, so I’m only working for spending money and savings. Well, and a huge medical bill from a panic attack that prompted a trip to the ER. My hours have been cut dramatically–whether by a misunderstanding or a lack of need for another person in the position I want to go back to, (Zone Coach) I don’t know. But that’s why work is so frustrating. No one’s communicating. And it’s not a rewarding environment as before.

But outside of work, I’m finding a whole host of wonderful things to do!

Monday was Downton Day, in which I imbibed on a traditional British luncheon and sticky toffee pudding while watching Downton Abbey with dear friends.


On Tuesday, I floated about in my Christine’s dressing gown, caught up on Korra episodes, and had tea with a new mummy who is very unselfish with her four month old baby girl and lets me cuddle and coo at whim. Then we went to a volleyball game which I hardly paid attention to because in addition to the baby girl there was a wee baby boy in the stands who needed shnoogles as well.

I’m currently having my nine-year-old sister read the Kirsten American Girl series to us in the evenings because I bought her the doll and wish for her to know the story before I give it to her. It’s adorable how she pronounces “Mama” and “Papa” like they’re British upper crust, and imitates “Papa’s booming voice” as well as she can.

I’m almost finished with long overdue birthday/Christmas presents, and have had close to five cups of tea a day on average. This means I am a success.

In writing, I finally transcribed all my scattered notes for Red. I also sorted them all so that the correct snippets are placed under the corresponding chapter headers so they’re in chronological order. This is a big deal! I just need to write it all, now.

But instead, I’m heavily involved in about three fan fictions! Hah!

The first is yet another H2O story in which the mermaids are captured for experimentation and exploitation. That one I need to get a move on so my readers of the last H2O fic don’t have to wait all this time.

The other I started a year ago, and it’s been my pet side project since I began it. It’s a decidedly sadder Felicity story, where horrible and abusive Jiggy Nye is her father, and Ben (as Mr. Merriman’s apprentice) meets her as young as twelve years old. It’s so sad, but Ben is so sweet and caring, and I can’t wait to get to the part where he’s grown and can rescue her for all time!

And for the last one, picture this…

The Phantom of the Opera characters… set in a mental hospital… during the early 1900’s. That’s basically Phantom in Downton times, with Erik as the doctor, and Christine his patient. Whaaaaat. I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, BEST. IDEA. EVER. :P

I can’t start my other Ben and Lissie story yet, because TOO MANY THINGS TO WRITE! But it’s another fun scenario to explore.

And right now, I’m kicking back with my mum and sister, watching Gu Family Book, and I plan on getting more writing and maybe some of The Old Republic played tonight.

This week is awesomesauce with a mound of whipped cream.


6 thoughts on “A Fine Week, Indeed

  1. Oh no, did you have a panic attack? I’m sorry, that’s such a horrible experience! :(
    Ahhhh, I still need to watch Downton’s Season 3! I’m just not getting to anything! *pouts* That lunch looks amazing! You just need the Dowager Countess to come make a snide remark! ;) Fun, fun, fun!
    What?! Old-fashioned mental hospital? Have you been looking at my novel-in-progress? *hides notes*
    Also, I just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! (http://cartoondramas.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/one-lovely-blog-award/) Congrats! ;)

    1. I did, and it was not fun. But I’ve actually managed to talk myself out of a few more, so thus far, I’m able to control them. I’m glad because that means I don’t have to pay for pills AND my medical bill. :)
      I saw your video! Looks like you’ve got a lot on your plate right now. Downton Abbey will be there waiting as a reward for all your hard work! :D
      It was the best lunch ever! Other than some I had in England. :P And I agree… the Dowager would be a great addition to our luncheon!

      Ooo, are you writing about an old-fashioned mental hospital? I would love to know more about that!

      Thank you bunches for the award!! So thoughtful of you! :D

      1. My father used to have panic attacks, but he luckily didn’t need to take pills permanently either. Mostly, he just had to scale down and try not to work himself up so much!
        *sigh* Yes, I just have to get through all the assignments and then exams… *peers into the future where December lurks, waving Downton and a pile of books*
        Oh, I love the Dowager Countess. She says the things I only think, or whisper!
        Well, it’s this anachronistic old-fashioned mental hospital set in our present world and all is not as it seems… ;)
        My pleasure!

      2. Yes, I’m abundantly grateful that it wasn’t something that required medication. Prayer and meditation, instead!
        I have a good friend like the Dowager. She says all the things I’d only dare to think. :P So it’s great, because I don’t get in trouble for things… just bring your own Dowager! Hehehe.

        Okay. I want to read that. Please. You will let me know what it’s available, right? Because seriously, that sounds exactly like the sort of thing I’d love! :D

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