The Lovely Blog Award x2

This was the first blog award I ever received, although the image was a bit different. I’m tickled to be getting this again! Again, twice, because two bloggers re-awarded me! ^_^

But first! The rules.

  • Thank the one that nominated you.
  • Put up the picture for the One Lovely Blog Award.
  • Tell everyone seven things about yourself.
  • And nominate seven other people and tell them in their blogs that you nominated them.

Lovely Blog Award

Thank you bunches, Elana and Avra! Your blogs are quite lovely and deserving of this award, too! I’m so glad you got it!

And here are my seven things…

1. According to the ketchup quiz I just took, I am creative. Whoa! Who knew!?

2. The wind and rain give me a sunny disposition. I’m very fond of a blustery day.

3. I really need Robin McKinley to publish her second Pegasus book so I can find out if the couple I called is really a couple or if I’m more hopeless at finding romance in unlikely couples than I thought. I’m just a little peeved that her new release is another superbly interesting-looking book, but NOT the sequel to Pegasus! (SPOILER: I think it’s the bodyguard. The bodyguard is going to marry the princess. If not, I send it back. : P)

4. Sometimes I can’t believe I’m going back to Great Britain again. There are moments I have mini-freak-outs that this is really happening again!

5. My dream job is one where I get paid to do my chores, make my bed, fix meals, bake, and play with kids all day. I’ve been informed that this job description exists under the title of “marriage” and I just need to find a good employer.

6. Before the autumn ends I want to make coco pebble rice crispies. Or… chocolate rice crispsies. However that works!

7. It’s been too long since I slipped this link into a post and tried to make my readers watch it.

HEEHEE! Have fun with that. :D

No, seriously.

Watch this video.


6 thoughts on “The Lovely Blog Award x2

    1. I can totally see that! The methodical part. :)

      And opposite as in… you wish to get paid not to do your own chores, buy food out, and talk to adults? :P

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