Why I Sometimes Sleep ‘Til Noon

I had the most wonderful dream last night.

I was captured by angry female dwarves who kept me locked in a little room until they could force me to marry a giant troll under their mountain. He’d taken over their kingdom, and this was their attempt to appease him into going back to his caverns. But one of the dwarf women forgot to lock my room, and as I slipped out I saw Thorin stalking by in a huff because some ridiculous council decided NOT to go to war with the troll and his hordes, which made him unhappy. So I grabbed his arm as the angry dwarf women came after me and said, “Please, I’d rather marry you.” And he looked down at me and I pouted a little, and he was fine with marrying me because it forced them to make war with the troll. Win-win. Also, our heights complimented each other quite nicely.

I wanted to see our wedding feast, and the heated words that would have been exchanged between Thorin and the sappy council while he smirked and snorted at them for getting his way. But apparently, I’m not allowed to sleep until noon.


Thorin is pwnage


4 thoughts on “Why I Sometimes Sleep ‘Til Noon

  1. Congratulations, Queen Under the Mountain! :P
    In case you were wondering, I spent yesterday watching Cinderella, as I’m doing a research paper on Grimm Brothers vs Disney. It was nice and restful! ;)

    1. Hehehe! Well, thank you! I’d invite you to the wedding, but my dream didn’t even invite me, so… boooo.
      Ooo, that sounds like fun! What are your thoughts so far? I remember the Grimms’ version to be quite bloody what with the toes and heels being chopped off, and the birds pecking out eyes…

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