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Shameless Promotion

This isn’t even about my own things. I mean, I did publish two short stories on Amazon for my 23rd birthday, but that’s not what was on my mind just now.

Queen In Hyun’s Man has to be the best drama in terms of its soundtrack and what it does for the series. I mean, of course, the acting and storyline are superb, but for me, the music is so, so important to setting the mood that I can usually forgive the most ridiculous plot gaps and character flaws as long as the leads share a sweet moment (or cry alone) to a good song. And QIHM’s soundtrack shows off everything I love about drama OSTs. The words are so relevant to the story, they make you relive all the best scenes each time you hear the music. And they’re so emotional that I start tearing up just by getting the tunes in my head, sometimes.

Same Sky, Different Time

Such a heart-rending, tear-inducing, beautiful, amazing song. It’s everything a track from an OST should be.

And I don’t care if you don’t speak or understand Korean. That’s what I’m saying about great music. It transcends language. Like good food… or love. It just makes it better if you know what it means. Thus, subtitles.


And I suppose you could have these, too. Maybe leave a nice review or something. I dunno. :)

The Baffling Case of Miss Emma Browne – For Kindle!

Death of a Merrickson – For Kindle!

Double Oh.

Those two in the drama are dating in real life.




5 thoughts on “Shameless Promotion

    1. Usually, but that’s where I tricked everyone. They’ll be, “Oh, something about Beth!” Yes. Something about Beth’s obsession with Korean dramas and music. :P

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