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My Job is Now: Writing Slave

I put my two weeks in at Panera!!

Actually, I put it more than a two week notice, but it makes more sense to stop working after tomorrow, which is the end of the pay period. So, yes…

Tomorrow is my last day at work!

Shock Horror Disgust Flynn

I have a box full of Farewell Christmas presents for the employees sitting to the left of me, and I’m super excited about it!

Flynn YAY

The reasons for my departure are many. There have been so many changes over the past year at what I used to consider my cafe; some good, some not, and I went through a rough patch after my panic attack, trying to work out what position I wanted and how to fix my schedule so I wasn’t killing myself with stress. I never quite felt the same after my year in management. It really burned me out, and through this process, I’ve learned that a full time job in food service is not my ideal. I tried taking my old position back, but the cafe went through a reorganization of roles and positions since I’d taken my break, and there wasn’t really a need anymore for the position I wanted to fill.

Through all of this, my boss (both bosses, since one transferred a few months back) was really patient and understanding, and did his best to work with my crazy requests. It’s been a three year run, and I feel perfectly happy with how it all turned out. I’m ready for some new opportunities and the unknown challenges ahead. I would definitely recommend Panera Bread as a great place to work if you like fast-paced with a twinge of crazy. : ) I’ve learned so much from the time spent with the company, and will always be grateful for the training classes they put a huge amount of time and resources into.

But you can’t fit all that on a job application, so what do I put for the question:

Dwight as Jim

“Why did you leave your last place of employment?”

1. I am now a full-time writing slave for my Best Friend and Beta Mistress Extraordinaire. (Best. Job. Ever. Well, not job. Slavedom.)

2. Panera never brought back their steak chili and cornbread muffies. And they’re insulting me with the new turkey chili. Like that’s even comparable.

3. I need to play Star Wars: The Old Republic.

4. I need to play Lord of the Rings Online.

5. I need to play with babies. I need to marry and make babies.

6. I need a job that utilizes my skill set without forcing me to wear hideous polo shirts and snot-coloured aprons. (Unless it has to do with babies.)

7. I want to be a starving artist.

8. They never let me rerecord the phone message with a British accent.

9. Goodreads was judging me.

10. Kdramas.

And the #1 reason is that I need to watch this clip on loop another 365 times a day:

Any good employer would accept one, or all of these as acceptable reasons for leaving a place of business. I am a trained professional! Trust me on this!

Now, in the true spirit of things on my blog…


Here are my feels expressed through song!

Several songs… (They’ll open in a new window.)


Born Free

Gimme Gimme

As Free as the Wind Blows

Or you can skip straight to the Disney songs you knew were undoubtedly coming. : D

When Will My Life Begin? (Reprise)

For the First Time in Forever

I Mean Oops, How Did These Get In Here?


2 thoughts on “My Job is Now: Writing Slave

    1. That’s okay! I really did love my time there, and I have no regrets about leaving. :) I am sad to say goodbye to so many amazing coworkers, but I can visit, of course!

      My Beta is certainly thrilled at my full-time writing status. :P Unfortunately, I’m still totally absorbed in fan fictions, so it might be a while before Fiction Press sees me again. I am working on Red a lot more! But I’m not sure if I want to put it on Fiction Press, or just finish it, edit it, and put it on Amazon as a book for purchase. I’ll probably make nothing, but it’s having it out there that matters to me. :)

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