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30 Days of Writing Final

30 Days of Writing

This is it. The end of the 30 Days of Writing that turned into much, much, much more than thirty days.

For the last challenge, I’m supposed to tag someone and talk a little bit about what I like so much about their writing.


I think that would be counterproductive.

You see, this challenge takes up valuable writing time–I know I spent hours looking up book snippets and images to add to my posts–and I wouldn’t wish any of my favourite writers away from their projects in order to read their answers to the challenge.

I’d rather let them be so they can finish their books and I can read those.

Do you read me, Robin McKinley, and Timatheous? Get to work.

On to the next blog challenge that will take me forever!

Happy writing, all!


3 thoughts on “30 Days of Writing Final

    1. Right?? I mean, I finished, but I failed at the last. I’m like Frodo in Mt. Doom, only I didn’t have a Sam to fix things. Or a.. Gollum? To throw himself in? :P I don’t know.

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