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I Got Sunburned in February

We didn’t get much of a winter here in California this year, and though it’s finally rainy today, I got a sunburn yesterday just from trying to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D. It was too much. Too much sunlight. Although I did have a lovely time with my picnic and books!


However, I love fall and winter weather, and I miss the cold season already!

I don’t like to be cold. But I love the cold.

I love being safe and warm while still having the cold all around. Where my nose is pink with being froze, and I can see my breath, but underneath my layers of wintery clothing and plush coat and scarves and hats and gloves, I’m snug and cosy, and ready to drink my sixteenth cup of tea or hot chocolate. My tower of knitted hats is a testament to my love of colder times.

I love to sleep or read, or alternate between both while curled up in sleeping sweaters and knee-high stockings with pumpkin flavoured things to nibble on with more hot tea or chocolate with mounds of whipped cream. I love to take long hot baths that turn my skin red and it’s so hot that jumping out into the cold doesn’t shock you, but it feels nice because it’s cold.

When it’s too warm all you can do is shed as many layers of clothing as possible (and at some point you’re simply indecent so you can’t go anywhere outside your house comfortably) and find creative ways to fan yourself and drive around the car park four or five times just to get a spot in the shade. You can add tons of ice to your beverages, but after a while it just starts to melt and then you have a watery, not-very-cold drink.

I love the cold because I’m a warm person. I thrive on human contact. If it’s cold, I find snuggle buddies, and cuddle marshmallow babies to sleep, and squish six to a couch in front of a fire because it’s cosy and perfect that way. In the summer, it’s like, “Why would I hug you? It’s a hundred degrees, and you think I want more body heat near me? Gross.”

But I wonder… does anyone not like their birth season? Because fall is my favourite for just about everything; colours, scents, sights, flavours, Thanksgiving… and I don’t think it’s just because it’s the season I was born in.

Although it’s a distinct possibility.

Oh, so a month ago, I opened a fill-in-the-blanks letter I wrote to myself ten years ago on January 27th, 2004.

Some of it made me laugh, because my favourite movie of 2003 was The Two Towers, (I’m still a LOTR nerd) and I thought I’d be working at a zoo, or teaching junior high at this point in my life.

Some of it made me sad, because the people I thought I’d still be in touch with have mostly moved on or drifted

Some things remain the same. I still have no favourite American celebrities. The closest I could come up with in the letter was Jeff Corwin. : P (Now they’d all be British, Korean, or historical figures.)

I still refuse to hold a scorpion, or eat an insect. My biggest dream ten years back was to work as some form of investigator, and for a nice boy my age to move in across the street from us so that I could grow up with a potential husband.

Looking back at my biggest dreams and what I’ve ended up doing instead… I’m so happy! I’m so extremely happy to have restaurant management under my belt, be a writing slave, have published books, and planning my third trip to the UK! These are things I never even dreamed up ten years ago, but here I am, doing them!

I never got a nice boy as a neighbour to grow up betrothed to, but that hardly matters anymore. My life is better than a Disney. It kind of feels like a Jane Austen, actually. Perhaps I’ll post the full story someday, but at present I’m not even done filling out the past few weeks worth of happenings in my journal, so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait. : )

Now, I have a hundred things to do, which of course means I’m sluffing them off to blog… but I hadn’t posted anything in far too long, so this is an uninspired update to tie you over until I write something more themed or interactive!

Cheerio, duckies!


5 thoughts on “I Got Sunburned in February

  1. Hmm, I guess I’d say that my birth season isn’t my ideal season. I have an October birthday like you, but I’m completely the opposite when it comes to cold/hot preferences. I like heat! I want the cold to go away! Yes, sometimes it’s too warm and it’s unpleasant–and I can’t even remove clothing because I am the sort of person who does not feel comfortable walking around indecent even in her own house–but I deal with it. I prefer sweating to shivering.

    1. Ah, well I guess it’s not just a birthday thing, then. : ) Probably if I was a swimmer and could be in a pool, lake, creek, or ocean the whole time it was too hot, I’d be more okay with summer weather. But when it’s too hot, I just… languish like a pining damsel who longs for the cool kiss of winter’s sleet. : P

      1. Well, it was a nice theory, anyway. :D

        My preference for heat doesn’t have to do with whether I swim or not. It’s more of a fact that I just prefer the sensation of heat to the sensation of coldness. That’s it. So if I’m enjoying swimming, that doesn’t count as enjoying the heat because I’m not experiencing the heat. I suppose what you say about liking winter when you’re all bundled up and everything around you is cold . . . well, I don’t really consider that liking the cold, because you’re not cold if you’re bundled up!

      2. Yeah, I get that. Recently, I discovered I don’t mind warm sunshine, if it’s just… perfectly mild warm, and not at all HOT, and there’s a nice little breeze and the clouds are puffy. : P Basically… all the stars have to be aligned just right for me to enjoy summerish weather. But I prefer rain showers, (indoors cosy, and outside getting soaked) snowfall, and most cold elements to anything warm. Obviously, I wouldn’t want to be shivering, pathetic, and cold, but I’d probably prefer that even to sweating. : P

      3. Okay, so if you prefer shivering to sweating, then yes, according to me you prefer the cold. ;)

        Oh, and that comment that I see in my name that doesn’t say anything? That’s obviously a mistake. You could delete it, you know.

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