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Off the Market

So it finally happened, guys.

I met someone! I more than met someone! I’m what Facebookers call “in a relationship,” only I’m not in a relationship on Facebook, because that’s not classy enough. I can’t give too many details, because then I’d have to hunt down and kill you all, and besides being very lazy about all that and bad with directions, I like pretty much everyone who posts on my blog, so I’ll keep my lips sealed. Or… fingers? You catch mah drift.

But, anyway. I’m not considering myself “single” anymore. This is important for me to say here, because I know my blog has been a source of many gentleman callers. I mean, the flood of invitations just needs to stop, guys. I’m flattered, really, but enough is enough. That’s why I’m being honest despite the fact that I’m not allowed to say anything in the official capacity.

So, yes! Please stop calling me, Brad Pitt. I never liked you, anyway.

Oh yeah

On a side note, I’m quitting K-dramas.

Happy Tuesday! ^-^


8 thoughts on “Off the Market

    1. Aaaaactually… If you notice today’s date… :P No, I’m not quitting Kdramas. They’ve recently gained even more interest for me due to extenuating circumstances, and I’ve been much better at divvying out my time so as not to spend hours idling with a series. Knitting! I knit now, so I can watch and be useful at the same time. :)

      1. Ha ha! I always forget the date! And in general I just tend to believe people. I like to think it’s a good trait; it means I am a truthful person and therefore have trouble considering the possibility that others might be saying something false. :D

        Did you see Google’s April Fools’ Day joke about viral YouTube videos? I think clocking is pretty amusing.

      2. Hehehe. Well, I’m not going to say that the first part of the post is not true. But I’m not saying it is. Or I am? I will neither confirm nor deny anything at this juncture. And I’m so easy to prank/surprise/fool. So you’re with me on the trust levels. That’s good! Let’s stay honest and easy to prank! :P

        Haha! That’s pretty good. I used to do something like that shortly after HSM2 came out, and they did the clocking as part of the dance routine in the first song. :P

  1. Go you! :D
    Unfortunately for you, when I get the mobile email update, I see the tags before I can see the post… So I knew what was up before even starting to read… ;)

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