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May is for Leaving

I am once more UK bound! Today is a panic day, where I go from sitting and doing nothing while repeating, “I have too much to do, I have too much to do…” to ever so slowly knocking things off my huge To-D0 list.

This is the last night I’ll be sleeping at my parents’ house for the next 32 days! This will officially be the longest I’ve been away from home. The last two European adventures only lasted a couple weeks, and this one is a whole month! The fact that I’ll be away from these adorable, annoying persons for so long started to set in this morning during family devotions.


So our trip goes from Scotland, to England, to a transatlantic cruise that stops in Halifax and finally ports in New York from where we’ll fly home. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! This is for real…

Okay. I have stuff to do. A lot of stuff.

But I had to make a farewell post, and since I never blogged all the pictures from last trip, enjoy a collage of the cool stuff I’ve done, eaten, acquired, and the charming people I’ve spent time with over my last week in the Americas!

Americas Farewell

Things I’ll miss for 31 days:

Keeping Lydia up all night with creepy, whispery jokes and stupid stories so that she tries to smack me in the face or shoulder, but hits me somewhere weird instead, and says, “What the crap?!” and then we laugh so hard we cry. Until 2:30 in the morning.

Iced beverages.

Knitting nights at Momuella’s.

The boys I babysit.

Mosie Posie’s adorable laugh that usually happens when we talk about food.

Knowing instantly by Ethan’s face of loathing and disgust that it was a night he worked with Glen-Glane-That Kid.

The horribly timed hugs from Naomi, Preston, and Geneva.

The appropriately timed hugs from Owen and Benjamin.

Saying/doing purposefully awkward things to Jonathan, because he tries to have next to no reaction, but I like his funny accents.

Asking Austin what he’s been up to, even though I know the answer’s always nothing.

Dad’s “fifteen minutes” which actually means “two and a half hours, minimum.”

Dad randomly waltzing with me in the kitchen.



5 thoughts on “May is for Leaving

  1. I wish you an amazing trip!!

    Also, it’s funny, it seems so weird to me that you’re older than me but have never been away from home for a month, while I lived on the other side of the globe for nine months after graduating high school and this year I’m living away from home too!

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