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A Song for Sundays

I have a problem with my mind wandering.

It’s especially bad during at church, during communion when we don’t have a pianist to keep a hymn playing and my thoughts on the sacrament. A month or two back I was daydreaming again, and to bring myself back to the solemnity at hand I tried humming a tune in my head. Well, that tune happened to be Isle of Innisfree, and rather than struggling to think up a different tune, I started writing lyrics in my head that were more like a hymn.

I jotted down the first few stanzas almost right away, and took an hour or so at a later date to finish the rest.

It wasn’t until I returned home from my overseas holiday that I realised this means I can check “Write a non-parody song” off my bucket list! :D

Here is my favourite version of the original song where you can hear the pretty tune:

And here are my own words:

Once I was lost; a poor and hopeless sinner,

Til Jesus came, and washed my sins away.

And though I toil, and strive to please my Saviour,

It is a debt I never can repay.


He pinned my sins upon the cross at Calv’ry,

He suffered much that I might be redeemed,

His precious blood was poured out as an off’ring,

And love divine, it rescued even me.


I did no good that He should save me thusly,

He made no gain that He should set me free,

But yet He died, the Son of God, my Saviour,

And love divine, it rescued even me.


What can I do to truly show my wonder?

What can I sing to aptly praise my King?

There are no deeds, no words to fully measure,

That love divine, which rescued even me.


Though I am weak and prone to many failings,

And though there be few virtues I can claim,

The Lamb of God, from whom I ask a pardon,

Has granted me forgiveness from all shame.


Since from the grave, He rose in all His glory,

And over Satan’s grasp had victory,

My heart is new, and rests upon His promise;

His love divine that rescued even me.


And when at last, He brings me to His kingdom,

From mortal flesh my spirit shall be free,

I’ll never cease to sing aloud His praises,

For love divine that rescued even me.


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