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A Response to 21 Romantic Gestures

BuyingthingsI wrote this on 9/11 and I’m probably expected to post something profound, political, or preachy like I normal do around this time. (Okay, I try not to be preachy, but I’m not sure it always comes out the way I intend…) But I’m just so thankful that there have been no catastrophic tragedies reported today that I’m going to relax and post about romantic gestures, instead.

Here’s an article that I thought was going to be awesome, because not only did it have “romantic gestures” in the title, but the preview picture was of ice cream.

21 Uncommon Romantic Gestures That Would Make Any Girl Melt

However, there was no ice cream mentioned. :( She mentioned “dessert,” but even so. It was also filled with grammatical and spelling errors, and a lot of the gestures were repeats of previous ones with slightly varying details. So this was a disappointing read.

I want to know who the author considers “any girl.” And if you don’t like the list provided, are you a special girl, a non-girl, or a full-fledged woman? I don’t know. But you do know how much I like lists and romance, and what better way to celebrate both than to make an improved list of romantic gestures? Woohoo!

Disclaimer: These are my personal, not-so-commonly celebrated romantic gestures that I enjoy/would enjoy being done for me. This is not a list that just any guy can take and apply to any woman. So basically, these lists are pointless unless you know your woman well and are simply looking for some specific ideas. Not every girl appreciates an animal style burger with the works, but I do. So use your own smarts, guys. You can always ask your girl to make you her own list. Takes out some of the guess work. :) Lookit me, bein’ all relationship helpful and stuff! Maaaan, I should get paid for this!

Also… these may be heavily influenced by my obsession with Korean dramas. You have been warned.

1. I believe in hair-touching as the list suggests. Besides showing that you think her hair is more fascinating than whatever is on TV, it’s also a good incentive for her to keep her tresses healthy, clean, and trimmed. :)

2. Get. Dessert. And lots of it. Regardless of where you’re intending on eating it, the most romantic part is getting plenty. Even if she doesn’t have room for dessert at the moment, take some to go and do not plan on sharing. Just because you both adore the mudslide cake doesn’t mean she’ll want to give up half her piece to you. If she says it’s okay and you can share, I’m not necessarily claiming she’s a liar… (Or am I?) But she’s certainly not going to be upset if you insist on getting two orders, just in case she wants some for later. (Because she will. She’ll want some for later.)

3. Instead of making her decide on a specific place to eat, get one or two items from all her favourite take-out places so she doesn’t have to choose. Or better yet, help her cook all her favourites at home to save on money. Money that can be spent on extra dessert.

4. Compare her to favourite characters or celebrities in a complimentary fashion. Say things like, “You’re cuter than Emmy Rossum with a golden retriever puppy.” It’ll be a lie, but if you believe in it it’ll be an honest lie and therefore not a sin.

5. Invite her to play video games with you. Even if she’s aggravatingly bad at them and makes you do all the work to figure out what to enhance on her skill set when she levels up, or screams when she gets sniped and purposefully blows things up she shouldn’t because the announcer going “SUICIDE!” makes her giggle. It’ll make her feel like… okay, I’m just gonna say it, “paaaart of yooour wooooorld!” And that’s romantic.

6. If she’s been wearing high heels out and a lot of walking was involved, forget hailing a taxi like the link suggests. I’ve got one, magical, compound word for you: Piggyback. Give her a piggyback ride to the car or your end destination as you carry her shoes. Any lamebrain can call a taxi.

7. Spontaneously dance with her. You don’t have to be Fred Astaire. Just give her a couple good twirls, and maybe throw in a dip. But make sure you’re somewhere with enough space to do so without injuring anyone, including each other. There is wisdom in my words.

8. Keep tabs on some of the things she’s been meaning to purchase for herself but never seems to get around to. The missing book to her favourite trilogy, a pair of slippers on her Pinterest board, (I may be throwing in personal experiences here) a series she watches on Netflix but you know she’d love to marathon even when the internet is down. (JAG. JAG is a good show to marathon.)

9. Cup her face gently when you kiss her, especially if it’s a totally everyday, run-of-the-mill-love-ya kiss. I’m keeping this as-is, because every Disney prince, period drama gentleman, and even the best Korean drama guys touch, caress, or touch the lady’s face before the kiss.

10. Get things to match. I don’t mean the exact same hideously striped polo shirts that are non-gender-specific and will make your friends and family disown you, but things that go together such as T-shirts with quotes from the same source, or His and Hers mugs, or matching key chain and cell phone accessories. They call these “couple” things in Korea. And I’m not gonna lie: I think couple PJ’s are adorable. Ridiculous and dorky… but adorable.

11. Publicly announce your love for her. Shout something absurd as you part ways in a public place, or point to her spontaneously and introduce her as your girl to perfect strangers. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. Just sayin’.

12. Learn how to make Bailey’s hot chocolate. And remember what I said about the sharing desserts thing. (Don’t.)

Bailey's Hot Chocolate

13. Celebrate silly things, like your 366th day together, or your first real argument (have some red wine handy).

14. Learn just enough of another language to call her endearing nicknames in it. Google translate makes this really easy. Of course it may not give you the most accurate translations, but the important thing is the gesture.

15. Explain your favourite sports and athletes to her in a way that will capture her attention. Same goes for other interests she may not understand. I’m an idiot when it comes to science, but my man draws nifty pictures to explain genetics and haemophilia, or how a jet flies, or why you can’t cool down a room by leaving the fridge door open. The lady in your life still may not get it, but at least you spent some time together while you made a good effort!

16. Be overly protective in a non-stifling way. Threaten to beat people up who give her a hard time at work, and insist on sitting close to keep her warm in the cold weather. This is assuming you already gave her your jacket to wear. That one is just… so obvious, I shouldn’t have to say it.

17. You’ve all heard the opening doors like a gentleman thing, but here’s an amendment to that gesture: actually walk fast enough so that you get to the door first! I know some fellas who open the door once they get to it, but walk so slowly that their lady has to go at a snail’s pace to give them the chance to do so.

18. Act like your relationship is all secretive and new, even when it isn’t. Treat your 10th, 100th, and 1,000th confessions of love as your first one, like she totally didn’t know you were in love all this time. Be covert about showing affection, as if no one else is allowed to catch on that you’re a couple. That one saves a lot of awkwardness around family and friends, as well.

19. Change for her. I know this could be taken totally out of context, but I’m not talking about altering your entire personality for another person. Little things that aren’t going to hurt you but make a bid difference to her.

20. Pick a show for just the two of you to watch together, and don’t even think about watching episodes without her! Then no one’s tempted to give spoilers, and it’s like it becomes your show. But don’t pick something her best friend will want to watch with her. Divided loyalties are not attractive.

21. Pray with her. Self explanatory.

Well, that’s my list! And before ya’ll jump down my throat for being sexist, I’m totally open to reading a man-written list of odd but romantic gestures! I had a hard time finding a thorough one through my internet searches (maybe because men are simpler creatures? :P) so if any of you have seen one that lists more than five, let me know, please! :)


7 thoughts on “A Response to 21 Romantic Gestures

    1. Which ones would you change? :) I did make my disclaimer that you can’t apply these to everyone! But if I did better than the original, I did my job. ;)

      1. Oh, for sure, I know you said you can’t apply these to everyone! I’m a very different person from you so there are bound to be some gestures that you would appreciate and I wouldn’t.

        Because you asked:

        I wouldn’t like 11 because I believe romantic relationships should be very private, and I would not want my man to tell me that he loves me in public.

        I’d say no to 13 because it’s too silly for me. I’d just feel ridiculous and wouldn’t really appreciate it.

        15–I’m good with it only if you leave out the sports bit. If my man is into sports, I want him to get out of it. Or at least not mention it in front of me. Certainly he shouldn’t try to explain it to me because I hate sports with a passion. :D

        20 because, besides for the fact that I don’t watch TV, I just don’t like the concept of reserving some completely non-romantic activity to ONLY do with one’s significant other. Here’s an example: My father often plays Rummikub with my mother on weekends. My father doesn’t really want to play Rummikub with me; he views it as something special with my mother. And I’ve always really wanted to play against my father. He did actually play with me once, but that was only after begging and begging for weeks. (Okay, maybe I shouldn’t have done that.) Anyway, I can see why, from the perspective of a girl whose man wants to reserve some activity for doing only with her, this would be appreciated. But I think there are side effects of this to take into account.

      2. I get that. About the privacy thing. It’s funny, because we’re actually really conscientious of others and not being too showy in public. But I think once in a while, a cheesy, over-the-top announcement is fun and cute. :) Like I took him around my cafe and pointed to him and was like, “This is my man!” Just so my coworkers knew I was proud of him. :D

        You mean celebrating little things in general, or just the two examples I gave?

        Hehehe! Well, it’s the principle of the thing. :) And when you’re in love, you find it harder to hate things you used to resent before. ;)

        Aw, I can see how that would be frustrating. Yeah, I kinda watch a lot of TV, so it’s not hard to imagine having a couple shows just he and I could watch together. :P

      3. I was responding particularly to the two examples, but I think in general celebrating small, meaningless things would seem too silly to me.

        Ha, maybe. But I doubt my opinion of sports is going to change much. It’s a pretty solid dislike. :D

        I guess watching TV would be a little different from my Rummikub example, because it’s going to be the exact same show no matter with whom you watch it–it’s just a different way of spending time with the person. So someone who wants to watch the show won’t feel like she’s missing out as much by watching it separately from you. If that makes sense.

  1. Ooh, I hate those posts that are about romantic things you can do for your girl that involve somewhere “call her in the middle of the night to remind her you love her”. Wake me up for anything that is not either a medical emergency or tell me I’m going to be late for work and I will attempt to kill you. Though if you were dying and had to call me one last time before you went that would be okay because that’s a medical emergency. :P
    Your version is much better! Well, it involves pudding and not waking people up, that’s a great improvement already! :)

    1. Haha, yeah, seriously. I love my sleep, and I totally get that. The funny thing is though, that now I’ll totally lose sleep for the sake of an extra few hours on Skype call, or waking up to read a text or message from him. But that might have to do with the fact that he’s usually not in the same state as I am, so I treasure any word at all. :)

      Aw, thanks! Yeah… now I want pudding! :P

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