A Post for the New Year

I used to think I was born in the wrong century.

Why couldn’t I be born in the Colonial Era, when baking, sewing, and finding a husband before you were twenty was the main concern for a young lady, and they weren’t expected to learn maths or how to fill out a voter registration form?

Why not the Victorian age, when parasols and cravats were the height of fashion, and no one had thought up low rise jeans or saggy cargo pants–or if they had they were placed into institutions where they belonged–and foreign policy included missionary ventures?

How about any era before monogamous, heterosexual relationships centering on God and family were the norm and not the exception? Any of those times seemed more suited to my interests and desires.

But I’ve learned to be very grateful for the time I live in, despite the pitfalls and deviations away from higher standards.

First, I realise I can have all the vintage things, like Victorian fashion, an education in stitchery, old fashioned missives, proper tea, and the like through thrift shops, handy mothers, dear friends, and more. And even if I don’t like maths one bit, the offer is there should I so desire to reacquaint myself with such absurd things as algebraic equations.

But there are things in this era I am ever so thankful for, and wouldn’t have if I lived centuries ago.

One that we often take for granted is easy access to the word of God. It was not always so simple to procure a Bible, and in less fortunate countries than ours Bibles are still dangerous acquisitions. Sadly, our American liberty makes me lazy at times. I take for granted the things that are always at arm’s reach. But I’m thankful for shelves full of Bibles and books that were only available to the immensely wealthy before.

More than anything, I’m glad to have my family (blood related and chosen family) survive past infancy and a plethora of medical difficulties that would not likely be possible to survive a hundred or even fifty years ago.

I’m glad for advanced technology that allows a needy, overly-talkative woman like me remain in close contact with my officer, pray with our families on conference call, and message my bestest friends all hours of the day over the most ridiculous and wonderful things. Technology can and is sometimes abused, but for me it will always be a blessing.

I’m ever so glad that I can post and publish stories without going through the process of hiring an agent or having an editor who is not also my best friend and co-author.

This is why I’ve come to peace with living in the era God saw fit to place me in, and I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be a lovely year!

And resolutions? I’d rather focus on short term goals this year, or broad generalities. For example, being more organised and motivated. Making less (or no) excuses for not getting things done. Speaking my mind more openly and without apology, unless an apology is truly called for. I also need to post more (I only made 14 new posts in 2014) so I might pull up another challenge to prompt me into writing here.

Of course, I’d love to ring in next year with chapel bells and special travel plans, but I don’t think resolutions that involve other people that much are very fair. :P

Since I like to look back on how each of my New Years were celebrated, here’s a little list of firsts, lasts, traditions new and borrowed for the year…

Last Meal of 2014:
Well, I had two dinners. One was zacusca on sourdough toast, PG Tips tea, and Kimchi Ramyun. Then I had a chunk of prime rib and Cesar salad.

Last movie of 2014:
I don’t remember the last movie I watched, but I was in the midst of a Boys Over Flowers marathon with me David before we stopped for prayer. And I’ve been watching the series JAG and Mary Stayed Out All Night on my own time.

Last messages in 2014:
Messaged David, Skyped KitKat, texted Mosie.

First messages in 2015:
Skyped KitKat, called David, texted Mosie.

Old Traditions:
My family has never gone to bed before midnight on New Year’s. This year was no exception. Even when I was a wee little thing (okay, a wee little thing and a child) we stayed up. It’s never occurred to us to sleep through the transition. Although, we did forego the sparkling grape juice and party poppers this year.

Borrowed Traditions:
David’s family starts praying five minutes before midnight, and continues through the new year until everyone’s had a turn. I love this, and want to do it just like that each year.

New Traditions:
I also want to start reading Ecclesiastes 3 every year. It’s kind of the perfect passage on time.

Here’s a shot of a very happy me in the UK and an Edinburgh Castle guard to send you off…



5 thoughts on “A Post for the New Year

  1. It’s a delight to read your posts here. You DO have to write more often (I told my daughter the same thing) because this gift is no small thing. You can bless many people through it and – more importantly – you can bring more glory to God.
    P.S. You have such a grateful heart. The happiest people on Earth are always very grateful people.

    1. I will do my utmost to be better at updating! I’m starting now by logging in by phone, so I really have no excuses! :)

      Thank you for introducing me to a new tradition of heralding the new year with prayer! I can’t think of a better way to spend the last moments of an ending year!

  2. Often, in the past, I’ve thought I was born in the wrong era too! Until I really began to think about it and figured I was quite happy being in my time, thank you very much! :D However, no matter what, when or where we are God is good all the time. ^_^

    By the way, I really like your borrowed tradition. It’s such a lovely way to say good-bye to the old year and to welcome the new one. Where I am we have what we call Watch-Night services where church services begin at 11:30pm and the new year is welcomed in with prayer.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Absolutely! I love old fashioned charms, but in the end, God knows best for each of us. :)

      That sounds lovely!! Watch-Night! Like Christian soldiers! And a whole congregation! I love it!!

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