3×30 Challenge: Day 01 – Looking Forward

Day 01: Something you’re looking forward to this year.

For the first time in what seems like forever I have no big travel plans and it’s kind of sad. I’ve grown accustomed to putting aside savings and counting down to my next overseas adventure each year, and now I have to count my pennies for a date and event that is yet to be named. So while I look forward to being able to look forward to my next big adventure, for the time being I’m happily anticipating things that are closer. For example, Skype devotions tonight; Sunday’s banquet and life talks with Mosie; the next Miller Time sleepover and possible quilting; knitting night at Mamica’s; my next paycheck; the next time I see Heruamin Arato in person. (That is a real person. It’s Elvish for one of David’s titles.) I have a tendency of looking so forward into the future that I forget to pace myself with the here and now. I want to work on that this year.

Best Book You Read Last Year

I was dreadful at keeping an account of the books I read last year. (Goodreads said I read all of five books.) Granted, a good portion of them were devotionals I’d already read so forgot to add to Goodreads, or fan fictions that you can’t add to the site, or my Beta’s or my own books that I’d feel weird promoting as the “best.” (Even if our books really are the best.)

The book that sticks out the most is Red: Book #2 in The Circle Series. Not just because it shares a title with one of my own works-in-progress and was part of the first series I read on recommendation by my officer, but the series itself is rather excellent. The allegory is especially vivid in this portion of the series, and I have a fondness for middles. Eldest was my favourite of the Eragon books, and Episode V has always been my favourite Star Wars film. I can’t explain it. Even with the cliffhangers, I love that midway tension and conflict.

But wow… Looking at how little I read last year… it makes me sad. I have a new goal! Read. More. Books.

Your Favourite Song

My Forever Favourite:
All I Ask of You – It has never not been my favourite.
A New Favourite:
The Last Goodbye – Oh, Hobbits. You can sing for me any day.
A Korean Favourite:
I Totally Love You-This was ridiculously hard to pick. I love so many OST songs that will never fail to make my heart flutter. I also considered Raindrop or Because I’m a Girl by IU, because everything she does is amazing. But in the end I went with the song from a drama she stars in and has my favourite music video to go along with it.

Snapshot of the day:

A project I’m working on: getting this writing desk organised again.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/498/15139174/files/2015/01/img_3480.jpgGenius has turned to madness.



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