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3×30 Challenge: Day 02 – Haunting Heights and Songs

Day 02: Something you regret not having done last year.

As evidenced by my last post, reading more books!

Overall though, I think last year was one of the best years of my life. I have very few missed opportunities from the past year and none that are outstanding in any way. Maybe I have too much of a que sera, sera outlook on life, but with the most amazing UK trip/QM2 cruise with my potato family and a new man entering my life last year, I can hardly be expected to chose a major regret.

Oh, hang on. My thoughts bunny trailed about personal weaknesses and then I came up with something. Speaking up in honesty with those closest to me. I regret not doing that more and to a fuller extent last year. There were a few incidents (one in particular) that because of my half-truths and failure to speak up in a timely manner created a vortex of emotional suffering that was not too quickly recovered from. But thankfully, I have some absurdly loyal friends. Soooo… yes. Honesty. I regret not having been more honest last year.

A Book You’ve Read More than Three Times

Okay, I could say any book of the Bible and call it a day, but then that might be too obvious. And then I wonder if it’s not so obvious and I should pick a book of the Bible. But then there are so many to choose from, and I don’t know if I should pick the one I’ve read the most (Psalms) or my favourite (John) or my old favourite (Joshua) or the two I can never decided between (Ruth and Esther).

The not-a-book-of-the-Bible book I’ve read more than three times is admittedly a horrible book that I can’t stand. Wuthering Heights. I read it the first time and was so infuriated that I think I scared some people with my guttural noises from the closet. (Yes, I read it in my hall closet. I was an awkward adolescent.) The second time around I was more aware of the hype surrounding it, had seen one or two movie versions, and wondered if I was simply too young to appreciate it properly the first time. I hated it again. The third time, I’d seen even more movie versions (all as troublesome as the novel) and since none of them had fleshed out the ending as I remembered with Cathy and Heathcliff’s spawn, I wanted to see if their union brought about some kind of redemption for the previous characters that I’d forgotten. So convincing myself that the end would justify the reading, I took it up again. I still couldn’t believe how bad it was. By the fourth time, I think it was just a masochistic tendency that I hadn’t been honest about.

The cycle might be broken, though! I don’t remember the last time I felt the need to torture myself with it! Although that could be due to a strategic placement of the book. Out of sight is generally out of mind if I own it. Here’s hoping I’ve turned a new leaf and won’t ever read it again.

The Song That Haunts You Most
I’m just going to be honest; I have way too many answers for these questions.

Most Haunting Song:

Just Once by Young Jae of 4Men from the Queen Inhyeon’s Man OST

It’s not just the melody, the fact that it came from the greatest, most sob-festy of a Korean drama ever made before My Love From Another Star aired, but the feeling Young Jae puts into it transcends language barriers. It made me cry before I knew what he was singing. Without having ever seen the English words, I heard the chorus and the tears flowed. And then I read what he was singing, and the scene it plays in just makes so much sense, and it’s so heartbreaking… darnit. I’m listening to it and crying right now. I’m not even watching the scene it comes from.
Since English lyrics are not provided in the video, here they are for your understanding, stolen from this amazing Facebook post.

Song That Won’t Get Out of My Head, Like… Ever:
In My Life from Les Miserables

I don’t know why. Whenever I want to distract myself from an unpleasant situation, whenever I think to myself, “it’s a good time for a song,” THIS is the song that pops in my head. It’s not even my favourite from the musical! I don’t understand it. But it never leaves my head. Not really. It’s always there. Waiting.

Song That Other People Sing Around Me/Play Around Me/Talk About Around Me and Shouldn’t:
Let it Go from… duh, you know what it’s from. I shared a link to the BETTER version. Because if you’re going to listen to this, do it right.

Daily Snapshot:

Challenge 03 (1)When I get lunch at Panera, I put it on David’s rewards card. Not only does this help him earn freebies that he otherwise wouldn’t get (his sister was the first to do this for him, so you can’t give me credit for being exceptionally thoughtful) but it makes me happy to see his name pop up on my receipt. ^_^

That half sandwich I created was fantastic, by the way! And I’ll put the ingredients here in a way so that you with Panera Breads close by can order it from the menu if you’re brave enough. But if you do, make sure you’re really nice and patient with the cashiers/line associates. It’s a doozy of an edit.

Asiago Steak Sandwich
Sub Cheddar Cheese for Swiss
No Lettuce
No (sliced) Tomato
No (raw) Onion
Extra Horseradish Spread
Add Diced Tomato
Add Caramelized Onion
Add Cilantro
Add Pepperoncini
Add Red Peppers
Add Cabernet Sauce
Heat on the Panini Press (Ask them to Grill)


4 thoughts on “3×30 Challenge: Day 02 – Haunting Heights and Songs

  1. 1. I agree with your hatred for Wuthering Heights. I absolutely cannot stand it, and I haven’t even managed to read it completely! Everything about it puts me off. I have simple decided that this is one famous ‘must-read’ novel I am never ever going to read.

    2. The Koren song sounds really nice. I enjoy the Korean songs from the dramas! The current ones that play in mind often are form Love Rain.

    3. Your link to the ‘original’ Let It Go is absolutely hilarious. I laughed so much!….and I agree. :-/

    1. Well, you’re a better person than I am. I have no idea why I get sucked into reading it so much. It’s never better! I’ve found there are several novels that are on “must read” lists that I refuse to bother with.

      I’m glad! Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually listens to the Korean stuff I post since it’s in another language and some don’t bother with foreign music. But I love songs in any language, so long as the lyrics are meaningful and the melody is pretty. Oooo, I LOVE “Love Rain.” :) Whenever it rains, I play the whole soundtrack on YouTube. :D

      Heheheh!! Can’t beat the Let it Goat version!

  2. I thought Wuthering Heights was a good book and appreciated it, but I hated all the characters. In the end I decided I liked Hareton, but I’m not sure if that was because I actually liked him or because I was desperate to find at least one character who didn’t frustrate me to no end.

    So I can understand why people don’t like it. I am personally the sort who can still appreciate a story without liking the characters, but not everyone shares this ability. :D

    1. I get that! To me it’s all about relationships; that’s just my personality, to care the most about how characters interact and care for each other. I like conflict to come predominately from outside sources, and what I consider self-inflicted conflict is too rife in Wuthering Heights.

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