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3×30 Challenge: Day 03 – The Struggle is Real

Day 03: Something with which you struggle.

Doing anything consistently for a prolonged period of time.

If I work the same hours too many days in a row, I get burned out. If I have too many unscheduled days with no deadline for projects, I get next to nothing done. If I knit one thing in a simple stitch for too long, I get bored and start something new. If someone tells me a really long story or tries to explain anything in detail without picture references or a memory song, I start to zone out. For every one writing project that’s miraculously finished, you can bet there are twelve more in various stages of production. Even a great book that I start with eagerness might lie forgotten and unfinished if I don’t put aside special hours to devote to reading. I know deadlines are good for me, but I’m not hard enough on myself about them. Even if I tell myself, “This has to be done before this day, because I want time to do this, instead,” something inevitably happens that lets me let myself off the hook.

That’s why I need my Best Friend Beta Writing Mistress to crack the whip. She has penalties for not meeting deadlines. And having Skype dates scheduled helps, too. Then I only have a small window of time to get things done. In fact, I told David I wasn’t allowed to talk to him tonight until I printed off all the outlines from Sunday School. Guess what got done first thing this afternoon? :P Yep. My binder full of outlines!

Your Favourite Book Series

There are several book series… serieses? ‘Series’ always looks weird in the plural form to me. English is such a silly language. But I digress. There are several book series that I love to bits: The Lord of the Rings, The Uglies Series, The Inkheart Trilogy… but taking them as an entire set and considering which I’ve reread the most, I have to say The Chronicles of Prydain is my true favourite series. The five books make up a children’s (or young adult) fantasy series based on Welsh mythology. Some compare it to The Chronicles of Narnia, but I like them much better. There’s far less silly talking animals nonsense and more “you’re a man now, you can deal with this” straight up heroics. I suppose it’s also a coming of age story, but what’s unique for the fantasy genre is that it promotes hard work and manual labour over witchery and spell casting. Enchantments always lead to trouble. A well-ploughed field, on the other hand, is a blessing to many. I definitely intend on them being my children’s introduction to fantasy novels.

A Song That Makes You Stupid Happy

The Opening Title to “Marriage, Not Dating” -The upbeat lyrics. The wedding march beginning. The smiling faces because WEDDINGS!!! and the fact that it’s the opening to a pretty darned good drama! Whenever I see this I can’t. Stop. Smiling.

Good Looking Parents Sing Love is an Open Door -Because this is parenting done right. And it’s my dream life. Except… with a lot more passengers. You know, kids. And you know what else? Everyone can just stop whinging about Hans, because he’s seriously my favourite Disney prince because of this song. And guess what else else!? There’s a KOREAN VERSION!!! XD All of them make me stupid happy.

Snapshot of the Day:

Fourfold Gospels

This was the outline I wanted most in my binder. It’s like a writer’s guide to the Gospels, and it makes me absurdly happy. My dad knows stuff. Someday, I hope to know stuff. :)


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